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Best Ways to Practice Male Chastity & Orgasm Denial

Where I come from there is a little phrase that is always on my mind: “It is known you should not try male chastity… because the moment you do, you will be hooked forever wink*” It’s a testament to the fact every couple or man should try it at least once. Chances are you will get in love with it and you will never look back once you have experienced it, kind of like with real love wink*.

Couples who reap the benefits of incorporating chastity in their lives are more and more common. Some couples are not even into other elements of the BDSM lifestyle and are not part of the community, however they are great advocates of the little gem that is male chastity. The men who try chastity or male orgasm denial find that surrendering a little bit of what is known as their “male power” is actually quite empowering. These guys have found that their pleasure comes from devoting to their woman; giving up their penis to their special lady allows them to see the world a little differently, besides they wholeheartedly enjoy the whole chastity process and being attentive to a woman’s needs.

A man in a chastity device will not come at his will; he will be allowed to come on the occasion permitted by his lady. However, he will be required to please and attend his woman with his hands, tongue, etc. He will be an attentive lover and should consider all the needs of his woman.

The bond that is formed between a chaste man and his woman cannot be explained. These are connections that have to be experienced to actually grasp the meaning of it. But what I can tell you (and you will definitely understand wink*), is that chastity devices are a huge turn on. Men find the sensation of being locked in the device incredible arousing and like nothing they have experienced before. On the other hand, a man locked in a chastity device will learn other conducts, such as being more gallant and the pleasure of attending to their woman’s needs. He will also find sexual gratification is not restricted to climaxes, orgasms and pleasure; the excitement of chastity is found on the brain, not only the body.

The keyholder, in this case the woman, is a huge part of a chastity experience. Without It, there will be no point in the process. It goes without saying a man should have complete trust in his keyholder because she will, well, hold the actual key to the chastity (giggles*). The promise of the man’s impeding release will be the fuel towards him being more helpful in other aspects of his life, that’s why women find men in chastity more devout and productive.

On the other hand, orgasm denial is also used as a method of controlling and torturing a man. This process basically means that a man who wants to come will not be allowed to do so. The more he wants to do it, the more effective the method will be. The torture part of it comes when the women intentionally increases the man’s need to come, visually or with her words and touches, at the same time ensuring he won’t be able to finish. Exactly how you will choose to carry this method out, its up to you and your partner’s turn ons and needs; that’s why there is not a one size fit all, I can’t tell you what will get your partner off the rails with lust and desire, but I’m sure you will know exactly what to do to get him mad, wink*

The good thing about chastity and orgasm denial is this: when sexual release is actually achieved, it’s completely intense and earth shattering pleasuring.

So, should I try it with my partner? I say, of course! If is something you think you might enjoy and benefit from, give it a try and see how it works for your relationship. Here are only a few of the scenarios in which chastity is perfect: A single man who has had fantasies about being locked in a device, or a man in a relationship who wants to develop a more attentive relationship with his partner, having or not experienced with chastity before. You know what they say: the time is now.

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