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How to be a Successful Sissy

Sissy males are very wanted nowadays and that is because they are so hard to find! It might seem easy to be a sissy but it actually isn’t and most guys feel lost when it comes to satisfying their dominant partners as sissies. But there are some key elements that will change your life if you apply them the right way. A good sissy will have amazing sexual adventures and their dominant partner will be enormously satisfied which is the goal, right? So, let’s see some important tips that will make you an incredible sissy in no time and will make your dominant partner addicted to spend time with you!

1. Embrace your female sexual energy

Being a sissy has to come from inside and can be a matter of training for so long. The root of a good sissy is in a man’s heart and if you have it, all you have left to do is discover it and let it show on the outside. Sissies have a powerful female energy, sometimes more powerful than their manly energy and they are not afraid to show it. Try to talk like a woman and act like a woman, especially when you are around your dominant partner. They will love to see this side of you as often as possible and chances are you will be more appreciated if you do that.

2. Engage in activities that women usually do

First of all, get familiar with those activities and chores that women usually do. Like cleaning. Or serving dinner. Or even cooking the dinner. Rehearse them until you master them and show your achievements to your dominant lover. You can serve them a glass of wine or make sure they have their favorite dish for dinner but whatever you do, do it in the most feminine way possible. Dominants love to see a man acting like a woman even if they don’t do it perfectly. After all that is exactly the point of being a sissy! And if your dominant criticizes you, take it as part of the game because this is one of the most exciting aspects of being a sissy.

3. Have sexy feminine outfits and accessories

You can’t be a successful sissy if you don’t do your best to look like a woman, even a slutty woman. You can choose from a variety of costumes and wear them according to the chores that you are performing or the sexual scene that you are part of. French maid outfits are quite popular for sissies! Corsets and the options that crossdressing give you are very appreciated as well so don’t be afraid to wear them when you want to impress your dominant. And, of course, don’t forget the accessories! Sissy collars are a great asset to give the final touch to an exciting sissy outfit and if it is a pink one, even better. Be ready to wear a nice butt plug with a crystal at the end that your dominant can peak at while you dust the room or while you pick something from the floor! All these tricks will work in your own benefit and you will have amazing sexual encounters because your partner will simply can’t resist you!

These tips will help you be a more confident sissy for the long run and your dominant partner will notice the improvement for sure. Experience and research will make you even better over time but if you truly feel like a sissy, the most important thing is to express it and don’t be afraid to show it especially in front of your lover. Not only they will love you for who you truly are but they will also make sure to create sexual scenes that stimulate that side of yours and gives them the controlling satisfaction that they need from a good, obedient slave.

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