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Your Ultimate Guides to Sissy Slaves

Sissy Bondage: How to Treat Your Slave Like a Girl
You want to humiliate your slave, but you also want her to be girly and feminine while you do it, right? If so, you’re going to love today’s article on forced femininity. I’ll cover everything from how to make your slave wear makeup and pretty dresses to putting him in chastity and locking him in chastity cages that make it look like he has a penis under his skirt.
What are the Benefits of Sissy Chastity BDSM?
Are you curious about exploring the world of sissy chastity BDSM? If so, you’re not alone! This type of BDSM is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique combination of feminization, power exchange, and enforced chastity. Before getting involved in this kink, however, there are some important things that you should know.
The Joy of Feeling Girly and Pretty During Bondage Sex
A lot of people experience the joy of feeling girly and pretty during bondage sex, but they don’t talk about it very much since it’s seen as embarrassing or even transgressive to cross dress during playtime. However, it’s important to embrace your inner sissy, let yourself feel pretty and girly, and express that femininity during bondage play so you can fully enjoy the experience!
How to be a Successful Sissy
Sissy males are very wanted nowadays and that is because they are so hard to find! It might seem easy to be a sissy but it actually isn’t and most guys feel lost when it comes to satisfying their dominant partners as sissies.
What You Should Know About Sissy Slave Training
A sissy slave loves to please their Mistress or Master, obviously. During the training process you will experience a great amount of things, depending on the activities your master/mistress decides and how long the sessions are.
7 Fun Ways to Play Rough With Your Sissy Sub
Sissy play is incredibly fun to engage in. As with any form on bondage, there are different ways to do it and how you practice it and what you choose to partake of will depend on your imagination and creativity!
Key Tips on Training Your Sissy Maid Properly
Training a sissy sub is quite complex but very rewarding. If you are interested on it, you will have to look out for the best method for you and your partner. On the other hand, a very popular sissy sub category is for sissy maids. If you want to try, you will find some good pointers right below, wink*:
Enjoying Humiliation in Sissy Play
If there is one activity that can bring you (and your partner) endless time of games and fun, it’s sissy play. Plenty of men are into it (probably more than you think!), so chances are you are already partaking in some sissy related fun…
Male Submissive Guide: Who is a BDSM Sissy Slave
You may have heard of that term before but don’t really know what it means. And if you don’t know what it is, how could you know if you want to try it? Wink*.
More Creative Ideas for Sissy Slave Humiliation
If you’re looking for some inspiration to humiliate your sissy slave, this list might give you some ideas. The good thing is, even if you don’t do it exactly like it says, you can always adapt it your needs or give it your own twist..
Creative Ideas for Sissy Slave Humiliation
If you have a sissy slave, chances are you are constantly looking for new ways to humiliate them. And sometimes you run out of ideas, so how about you read on to find some creativity..
Penned Punishment: Creating a Contract for Your Sissy Slave
If you are interested in making your sissy slave relationship more formal with established rules, we’ve got you covered wink*. This is a model to give you some ideas about what clauses this contract can include.

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