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What You Should Know About Sissy Slave Training

A sissy slave loves to please their Mistress or Master, obviously. During the training process you will experience a great amount of things, depending on the activities your master/mistress decides and how long the sessions are.

When you and your partner decide to take on sissy slave training, you have to decide what you want to do exactly. Before starting out, have a talk with your partner about what you want to achieve and what is your fantasy. Sissy training can mean a lot of different things, so you will first need to figure out what your play will entail. For some, it can be just dressing up as a woman and act like one. For others, it can be dressing up, act like a woman and doing chores around the house, especially if you are into sissy maid training. The important thing about the process is that you enjoy what you’re doing and find what works for you and your partner specifically.

And that brings me to the point that your idea of how you as a sissy slave should like might be different to the vision your partner has. If you are into maid training, a maid costume will be a must, clearly. There are plenty of choices for costumes, ranging from demure to very reveling and sexy. You can also go for leather dresses or latex tops or whatever you want, obviously. A pair of heels will most likely be a must, as some make up as well. For most sissies, a wig will also be needed, especially if they have short hair. These are the basis for how you will look; you can always add other items you prefer them to wear as well.

Now, for the sessions they will also depend on what kind of sissy slave you want to be. If you want to play up the “forced” part, your Mister or Mistress can “make you” dress up as a woman and you will be forced to act on things.

If you are into humiliation, you can definitely play up that perfectly with sissy slave training. You can be forced to do some things as punishments while dressed up as a sissy.

Gender play also pairs great with sissy slave training, so if you are interested on that, you can definitely try this up. Remember sissy slaves will look and act in different forms, so choose what you want and have fun! Wink*.

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