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Mastering the Straitjacket: A Guide to Safe and Effective Use

Do you enjoy the feeling of being helpless and at someone else’s mercy? Then you should try out bondage in a straitjacket! The straitjacket keeps your arms bound, rendering you powerless to free yourself from its tight grip around your body and therefore essentially helpless.

How does straitjacket give pleasure?

Restrained, helplessness makes us more sensitive to touch. There is also something primal about being confined and made into somebody’s plaything. The fantasy is about power: you are completely under my control, or your will has been taken away from you. As such, many people find it intensely arousing to be restrained in some way—whether that’s handcuffed to a bed post or put into an old-fashioned straitjacket.

Why would I buy this?

For all you bondage enthusiasts, it’s time to get down and dirty! Who would have thought that being tied up could be so liberating? Bondage is for anyone who likes to be tied up or does it for fun. There’s nothing like feeling completely vulnerable, exposed and helpless but somehow safe at the same time. Bondage is also very intimate and great for exploring other aspects of your sexuality.

How do I wear it?

Getting into a leather bondage straitjacket is simple. Put it on like you would a coat and fasten all of its buckles. Once you’re in, pull your arms forward over your head so that they can be secured by straps attached to either side of it. Those straps should then be pulled back so that you are X shaped, with your hands cradled behind your back.

How do I take care of my straitjacket?

Wipe it down with a damp cloth and give it an occasional clean with mild detergent. A good rule of thumb: Anything you can put on your body; you can probably put on leather. If you’re going to be wearing your jacket for long periods of time, like if you’re doing bondage, you might want to consider using olive oil or leather conditioner/cleaner spray. This will prevent it from drying out and cracking over time.

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