Why Wearing a Straightjacket is Such a Turn On?

Straight jackets are getting more and more popular as years go by. And there is a good reason for that as such sexual accessories are part of some very intense fetishes and fantasies that you can explore with your lover. But you need to understand how straight jackets work and how you can make the most out of them to become an expert in the matter. Straight jackets are an intense turn on for both the dominant and the submissive partner so, regardless to what role you prefer in the bedroom, keep on reading to discover this fascinating world of fetishes that you can enter!

Why dominants love to see their slave in a straight jacket

While each dominant and mistress can have their own preferences and tastes regarding why they want their lovers to wear straight jackets, all of them can agree on certain advantages that such an outfit brings. To begin with, as a dominant, you will feel much more empowered when your lover is restrained like this. You will be much more in control of their body and sexuality and you will love to explore their sexual limits without them being able to refuse your sexual stimulations. You can add as many sex toys and accessories as you want to such a sex scene. For instance have your lover wear an orgasm belt as they are locked in a straight jacket and can’t move much. You will most likely love to see them stimulated to the point to which they are begging you to let them enjoy an intense orgasm. If you allow them to finish or not it is up to you, which is even more exciting for your dominant side.

Besides the sexual advantages that come out of enjoying a sex scene with your lover wearing a straight jacket, there is also an intense visual stimulation that you will experience. As a dominant, you will look at your slave and feel completely in control of them the moment you see them being so limited in actions. For an even more intense experience, add a mouth gag or a spread bar to the sex scene. This will give both of you some intense orgasms and you will never want to enjoy a sexual encounter without such exciting sex toys and accessories. Since you are the dominant one, use your imagination to control the sex scene as much as possible because it will be up to you to decide what kind of activities go during your sexual encounter. And don’t worry for your lover as they will be more than happy to give you such a high level of control as long as between you two there is a strong bond of trust and sexual attraction.

Why submissive lovers like to wear a straight jacket during intense sex scenes

If you are a dominant however, the type of sexual pleasure you will experience from wearing a straight jacket is a lot different from the pleasure that your master or mistress will experience. You will feel vulnerable and somehow powerless as you can’t move your arms and you are made to rely on your dominant for the type of sexual pleasure you want to achieve. This could turn you on even more and keep in mind that the amount of control you give up in favour of your lover is ultimately up to you. You should always have a safe word in place for those times when you are not comfortable with what is going on during the sex scene. Your lover might add to this powerless feeling that you will experience by having you wear other accessories such as a hood or a gag and even leg cuffs or hand cuffs. It also depends on the type of straight jacket you are wearing as they are very different and you might prefer one that reveals your breasts, for instance. In this case, you can also wear a pair of nipple clamps to maintain a constant feeling of sexual excitement. Some women can reach an orgasm by simply having their nipples stimulated the right way. And if you are one of them, you can definitely enjoy such a sex toy during your intimate encounter!

You should both play a lot while you are adding a straight jacket to your sex scene. Let your imagination lead the way and see how far it can take you. You might just discover a wide variety of fetishes and fantasies and you will fall in love with your partner all over again as you allow them to control your body to this intense level! When it comes to BDSM, it is always important to understand that as long as what goes on in the bedroom is safe, everything that gives both of you pleasure is allowed!

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