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Your Ultimate Guides to Straightjackets

The Straitjacket as a Bondage Tool
Is there anything sexier than a straitjacket? You may associate straitjackets with villains in films, but the truth is that the straitjacket can a...
Bondage Straitjacket BDSM Fun - Tease and Torture
The next time you and your partner are feeling frisky, don’t let that playful mood pass you by. Give bondage straitjacket BDSM fun a try and soon ...
Why wearing a straightjacket is such a turn on?
Straight jackets are getting more and more popular as years go by. And there is a good reason for that as such sexual accessories are part of some very intense fetishes and fantasies that you can explore with your lover. But you need to understand how straight jackets work and how you can make the most out of them to become an expert in the matter.
Why should you try a straightjacket in the bedroom?
Did you ever consider using a straightjacketto add a new element of excitement to your sex life? If the answer is no, you are missing out on a lot of good times! Straightjackets are extremely popular within the BDSMcommunity and once you give them a fair try you might not want to have a sexual encounter without them.
Straightjackets: Don't let your lover get away!
If you never tried a straightjacket during your sex scenes, you might want to give these outfits a chance. Straightjackets are very popular in the BDSM community and they are part of a wide variety of sex scenes and fantasies.
Sex toys to use when you are wearing a straightjacket
Straightjackets get to be more and more popular as time goes by and there is no wonder for it considering the amount of sexual pleasure that they can bring to a couple. If you and your lover are BDSM enthusiast, you will simply fall in love with this type of accessory.
Know your gag, hood and straight jacket safety rules
No matter what kind of sexual fetish and fantasy you are in, you and your partner as well as everyone else that might be involved in your sex scene should have one main concern: safety! Always keep in mind that any BDSM should be safe, sane and consensual, before anything else and these three aspects shouldn’t be neglected!
BDSM and straight jackets, no one gets away!
Straight jackets are extremely sexy and they can be part of some exciting sex scenes and fetishes if you know how to incorporate them. The trick is to free your imagination and put your kinky ideas in practice as you explore your sexual side.
Best Straightjackets For Your Fetishes
If you are into straightjackets and you enjoy complex sex scenes with your lover, you will be happy to find out that there are plenty of fetishes and fantasies to use such outfits on.
How to Match your Straight Jacket with the Rest of your Outfit
If you never used a straight jacket, you should look into not only how to use it but also what to match it with. For beginners, such sexual accessories are weird to say the least.
Straight to the Heart - The Beauty of Straight Jackets

There is something very sensual about being bound tightly. Your bare skin tightly and lovingly bound…completely helpless. The luxurious feel of losing control. Of giving yourself so completely with total trust over to someone.

It’s very erotic and very sensual. It heightens all of your senses. You begin to feel quivers and shimmers in parts of your body, which you had previously ignored or didn’t realize could feel so good. To lose yourself, to give yourself is a thing of beauty. All of your senses come to life as they are brought to life by the softness of the straitjacket pressed gently against your skin. Feeling much like a lover’s kiss soft, gentle, firm and full of promise. (Wow — is it getting hot in here?)X

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