Why Should You Try a Straightjacket in the Bedroom?

Did you ever consider using a straightjacket to add a new element of excitement to your sex life? If the answer is no, you are missing out on a lot of good times! Straightjackets are extremely popular within the BDSM community and once you give them a fair try you might not want to have a sexual encounter without them. If you never wore a straightjacket during a sex scene you should know that these are made for the submissive partners. But you can use your imagination and creative skills when you are wearing such an outfit and allow yourself to reach new levels of pleasure along with your lover. If you are wondering why you should give these sexual accessories a try, here are some honest reasons to make you consider them and develop your sex life to new and more intense orgasms!

1. It enhances control over your submissive partner

As a dominant, you most likely enjoy having control over your slave, the more control the better. A straightjacket along with other similar accessories such as a collar or a mouth gag, can definitely give you a lot more control than you anticipate. This aspect alone will make you love the straightjackets and you will want to have as many of them as possible. On the other hand, if you are more the submissive type, you will love the feeling of vulnerability and obedience such a straightjacket gives you. You will feel extremely excited as your body is restrained by the straightjacket and your dominant or mistress can do all they want to explore your sexuality. You still get a safe word or safe action to use as a red flag but most likely you will both find yourselves on the same page once you start enjoying the sex scene of your dreams.

2. It give you a visual stimulation

Straightjackets offer an intense level of sexual stimulation to your lover who will be watching you during the sex scene and feel a constant turn on state. It can be very efficient during foreplay and you will most likely love to see your dominant excited and ready to explore new fantasies with you. You also have to have the correct attitude while you are wearing such an outfit. For instance, try to remain as submissive as possible and develop your obedience with every gesture you express towards your dominant. They will feel satisfied by the power you give them and you will feel as submissive as you always wanted. If you match your straightjacket with the rest of your outfit, you will enter a world of complete sexual satisfaction! Always take into account the type of roleplay that you are getting involved into and try to develop your acting talents in order to impress your partner. This might turn out to be quite an exciting sex scene or both of you.

3. It opens the path to new fetishes and fantasies

If you wear a straightjacket you will discover that you can enjoy a wide variety of sex scenes based on different fetishes and intense fantasies. If you want to submit completely to your dominant, feel free to try out a session of edge play. If you want to experience some impact play, all you need is a paddle or a whip to implement such a desire and convert it into a reality. If both you and your lover keep an open mind, you can count on the fact that you will have a lot of fun together and your sex life will never be boring again. And if you want to have a hot and intense session of intercourse while you or your lover are wearing a straightjacket and releasing your deepest desires. You can also watch some erotic videos that will give you ideas when it comes to new sex scenes that you can try so you will not have to rely on your imagination alone. But chances are that when you see your lover wearing one of those sexy straightjackets, you will get inspired instantly!

As you can see, straightjackets open a whole new world of possibilities to you and your partner. You could develop your relationship to a whole new level and you could discover new sides of your sexuality while you are at it. On the long run this will increase the trust between you and your lover and it will help you develop a better bond that will keep you connected for a long time. Definitely something to try out at least once and incorporate into your sexual routine if you so desire. However, keep in mind that everything you do needs to be safe, sane and consensual for both of you so never compromise when it comes to your safety or your lover’s safety!

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