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What is the Best Type of Vibrator for You

Good Vibrations: The Ultimate Guide to Vibrators

Wow! Well, what do you want to know?

Just as everything in life, there’s something for everyone. For example, don't forget that there are also vibrating toys for guys, too. You guys have been kept in the dark about vibrators for you for too long! (And that’s a shame) Why do you think there are gazillions of vibes for women? Because we know how great they are! Select one for yourself today!

Only you know the best type of vibrator for you. The fun is in finding out which one that is! Read up a little on the different kinds and you'll have a head start to getting a great one! (Or two, or three...or four...or more)

Is it your first time? If you are looking for vaginal penetration, go with a good jelly vibrator. There are many styles and shapes that are bound to have just what you are looking for. You can begin with a jelly waterproof vibe; it's really versatile because it can go anywhere, like the bathtub or the bedroom and it's a great bargain buy for the quality it has! If you are looking for clitoral stimulation, go with a harder style of vibrator such as a butterfly or a basic style vibrator. For a wild ride, try two and thank me in the morning with a smile on your face, wink*!


These are mainly the basic, hard cased vibrators made of hard or less flexible plastic. This is the straight up and down style of vibrator. This is generally the most basic and inexpensive style of vibrator you can purchase. This vibrator style can be used for clitoral stimulation and for vaginal insertion. The traditional vibrator is generally hard and made out of plastic. If you have never had or used a vibrator before, we recommend starting with this style and working your way up to some of the more exotic and adventurous types of vibrators. Started from the bottom, now we are here, wink*.

Why you'll want one :Two words: Strong Vibrations! With jelly materials, the vibrations can be a bit absorbed or reduced. However, they can be much less comfortable to play with for insertion because, well, they are mainly inflexible. Many are available in multi-function style, which can be a blast!

I want one!!


As the name implies, this type of vibrator is specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris by providing an intense localized vibration directly to this very, very sensitive area (and what a good area it is, wink*). They come in two different styles- wearable such as the remote panty (makes even the most boring family reunion a fun time) and the hand held type (like a magician, but better). Both styles work great if you ask me; it's just a matter of your personal preference, so try both to see what you like best (I told you there would be a lot of experimenting)

Why you'll want one :Hmmmm...let's see... If the description doesn’t speak for itself, maybe you can cum up with a good reason? Or two… Or three *wink

Jelly Vibes

These models typically have a firm plastic interior with a flexible jelly material around them or an entirely jelly shape around a bullet at the base which provides vibrations (the fun part). That’s why jelly vibrators are great for penetration; being made out of jelly, it is much softer and generally feels more like the real thing,if you know where I’m going with this, than a basic vibrator. But their fun is not constrained to vaginal penetration; you can also use a jelly vibrator for clitoral stimulation and anal penetration, depending on the size and your comfort level.

Why you'll want one (or more!) : Soft and flexible means they fit your contours better. A wide variety of interesting shapes and textures add an extra facet to your pleasure. They don't market "ribbed for her pleasure" for nothing, right? Wink* Choose from a wide variety of twisty, swirly, bumpy, knobby shapes and textures. There's something for everybody and usually much more. Unfortunately, the vibrations do become dulled by passing through the shock-absorbing jelly material. But you can live with that for that one shape that caught your eye and heart, right? *wink You'll see many that are also available with a variety of vibrating functions to add even more fun!


But what if you want to have a little fun in the shower? Well, that’s why these great vibrators are for!They can be used in the water without causing damage to the vibrator. They work great and can make bath time lots of fun!

Why you'll want one : Well, just think of bringing one into the bathtub for a little *extra* relaxing's your special time to unwind after all, right? Or how about in the shower? Maybe the hot tub? Feeling REALLY adventurous?...How about the lake! (too daring? wink*)

G-Spot Vibrators

This type of vibrator is specifically designed to reach the G-spot. They are usually long with a curve at the end of the tip, especially made to reach this area. This vibrator is generally used for female stimulation but can be used for prostate stimulation by a male if desired. See? Fun for everyone, wink*

Why you'll want one : Ok, ladies I have to come clean to you: the G-spot is NOT a myth! Even if you have to try 2 or 3 different toys, keep trying until you find it. I promise you it will be worth it.Trust me!

Multi-Funtion Vibes

These come in all types of packages - bullets, jellies, dongs, etc. Something for everyone. How thoughtful!

Why you'll want one :The real question is: Why wouldn't you? Multi-function vibes are the latest technology and therefore tend to cost a bit more, but they are worth every penny. Most will give you a selection of many combinations of adjustable speed, vibration and pulsation in various patterns of slow and fast and what is sometimes called "ramp up / ramp down" which means it automatically adjusts the vibrations from slow to fast, down to slow again (sounds nice, right? Even more than nice...) You can drive yourself or your lover NUTS with this feature, go ahead - they're tied down anyways! *wink. If you like vibrators, you'll fall in love with multi-function vibes. Oh, and by the way, the famous rabbit vibrator falls into this category.Basically it's a premium, platinum medal winning, amazing, incredible, mind-blowing, sit up straight, eye popping, DAMN! - That's good!! vibrator. Have I said enough or do you want me to continue?

Remote Vibrators

Just as you would think, this is a great vibrator to wear out and have your loverzap you out of this world.There are for both men and women, so nobody misses the fun! They come in a cute little butterfly style (great for clitoral stimulation), butt plugs, panties and thongs. This makes even the most boring work meeting much more fun! Just try them, you will love them. They are strong and they work, often these come with panties / thongs for men or women or as a bullet or butt plug. You'll cum often with them, *wink

Why you'll want one : Because they're just so damn sexy and make you feel naughty, it’s between you and your lover. The myriads of possibilities are nearly endless: spruce up a boring movie, play, book, outing, shopping...whatever! Hell, you can even spruce up an exciting night of dancing! Whether you hold the remote or give it to your lover (oh-oh! here comes trouble), you're sure to enjoy it. Now, you will only have to come up with something when people ask why you are smiling so much…

Minis and Pocket Vibrators

The ideas behind these types of vibrators are they are small enough to slip into a pocket for easy travel and powerful enough to still pack a good punch!

Why you'll want one : Great for travelers and those who want to keep something discreetly handy, some of these pocket rockets are even stronger than some larger vibrators, so use carefully.

Balls & Bullets

These great styles are designed for either vaginal or anal penetration. Balls are typically either sized, weighted balls or hollow balls with weighted balls inside them. The hollow balls are typically ridged inside so that with movement, those balls will roll back and forth along the ridges creating a very pleasant feeling (understatement of the century). Weighted balls, like Ben Wa Balls are meant to be inserted and use your bodily motion to create sensations of movement within. I’ll be back in a sec

Why you'll want one : Bullet vibes are concentrated, easy to handle little dynamos of sexual release. Bullets are available in many configurations, shapes, sizes and even come (he he) in multi-function, finger-held, heated, and so many more styles! A great sampler platter of varieties and a convenient way to play. How about bullet in a special place while you make out or make love? Oh, yeah!

Anal Vibrators

This type of vibrator is specifically designed for the anus by generally being smaller in length and width than the more traditional styles of vibrators.

Why you'll want one : Most people ignore this erogenous zone because they feel embarrassed about it, especially men. But leave those cautions behind, because this is definitely a must-try. Just give it a shot once to say that you're adventurous and open-minded enough to have tried it. The orgasms you’ll have with these will be mind-blowing and will probably make you a converted, so don’t say I didn’t warn you, wink*

Vibes for Him

Available in a wide variety of styles from vibrating cock rings, "pocket pussies" or other types of vibrating sleeves and anal toys.

Why you'll want one : Because you owe it to yourself to try one and find out what the hell us women have been tittering about for ages. Really. It's good. Trust us, we know. And, by the way, she'll definitely appreciate a vibrating cock ring for not only the erection enhancement, but the vibrations you'll share with her. Turn yourself into a vibrator! She's never loved (lusted?) you more! I'm sure she'll find a way to thank you....

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