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Sensory Play - What is It and How to Do It

Sensory play is all about the sensations that both partners experience during a sexual encounter and less about the actual intercourse that can happen to fulfil such an experience. But there are so many ways to reach sensory excitement and implement a successful sensory play scene that you might not know where to start. The best starting point would be to redefine sex. If when you think of sex you reduce it to an intense sexual intercourse, you are missing out important aspects of it. Sex includes all our senses and the stimulation of them in order to reach high levels of pleasure and sexual satisfaction. And it is mutual meaning both partners involved in such an experience should reach the level of sexual satisfaction that they are aiming for. Now that we set this straight, let’s see how you can stimulate your senses and have an intense sensory play that might or might not include the sexual intercourse that you are used with.

1. Pay attention to your senses

Knowing your senses and how to please them is essential for a successful sensory play. Your smell, touch and hearing they can all be highly stimulated during sex by creating the right atmosphere with some candles, the right music and the right partner to feel every inch of your body. It is however important to stimulate your inner senses as well such as the feeling of control or being controlled which splits the BDSM enthusiasts into dominant and submissive partners. If you like to be tied in a form of bondage or more of them, you might be the submissive type and as a submissive there are many ways to explore your senses! Focus on your sensations more than on your actions when you set such a sexual encounter.

2. Get the sex toys and accessories that you need

Sensory play without the right sex toys and accessories is hard to achieve. The market offers a variety of tools to stimulate your senses in just as many ways and all you need is an open mind to try them all and see what is best for you. Nipple stimulation is great and very intense and you can easily achieve it by using a pair of nipple clamps. As a submissive you might like to be spanked of whipped and there are many tools to choose from when you want to try that. It is important to focus your attention on what you are feeling during the spanking session for instance and not treat it as a form of foreplay even if it can very well be that too. You can indulge in impact play to prepare for an intense sexual intercourse or you can simply enjoy the impact play and see what it can do to your body by itself. Chances are it will lead you to an intense orgasm before you know it and you will be quite surprised to see that happening.

3. Keep an open mind and use your creativity

Having an open mind is crucial if you want to discover new ways to explore your sexuality. Make sure to consider new ways of stimulating yourself and your partner by trying to be innovative. If you are into bondage games there are endless possibilities of bondage by simply using a rope or a tape. You can ask your partner for their ideas and together create unique BDSM scenes that will help you discover new levels of your sexuality and enjoy even more sexual satisfaction. Because as hard as it can be to believe, sometimes, sexual stimulation and sensory play can easily be more intense and satisfying the classic sexual intercourse that you are used with. However, there is no need to replace the sexual intercourse with sensory play for good. Simply spice your sex life up with new techniques and practices and don’t limit yourself when it comes to expressing your passion!

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