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Have a Swinging Sexual Experience!
Are you bored of exploring you sexuality with the same partner every time? If that is the case, you should know all of us get there sooner or late...
Your Bed Can Become the Ultimate Bondage Playground!
Bed bondage. It can get you in the mood even before you’ve had your first cup of coffee, and just thinking about it can make you cum like never be...
Create Your Own Custom Bondage Gear for Extra Intimacy
A few years ago, I got into BDSM and started exploring with my partner. The one thing we were both disappointed by was the lack of options for sex toys that could be customized to our needs and desires. Even if we found something that we really liked, it was impossible to make it truly ours by adding our own touch.
The Goodies that You Can Write on Your Sex Bucket List
Everyone should have a sex bucket list and not just for fun purposes even if having such a list and checking things off it can be highly satisfact...
Why You Should Stay Naked More Often
We all love our kinky outfits but how about letting them go every now and then? Sexy clothes are not the only strategy that you can use to turn on...
Why is Vacation Sex So Much Better Than Regular Sex
Vacations are great and especially for married couples who have extremely busy schedules, they are as close to heaven as it can get. What is even b...
Types of Sex that You Simply Have to Try
Your sexual life can be as exciting as you allow it to be by keeping an open mind and staying in touch with your own sexuality and fantasies. The b...
Types of Orgasms that You Should Enjoy Whenever You Can
Having an orgasm is important when you engage in a sexual encounter or a masturbation session but also the type of orgasm that you are having is ...
3 Tongue Moves to Turn On Your Partner
When it comes to a good session of sexual stimulation, there are so many options that it might be hard to discover the perfect one for you and your partner. You can use your imagination and some sex toys and accessories to enjoy several orgasms with your partner even without sexual intercourse.
To Fist or Not to Fist
Fisting can be a really hot practice for many BDSM couples, but as hot as it is, it might not be suitable for everyone. Beginners usually don’t d...
Here's Why You Should Try Voyeurism
Voyeurism is one of those fetishes almost everyone enjoys even if they don’t realize they have an obsession with it. This simply means people who ...
The Three Different Stages of Edging for Ultimate Intense Orgasms
If you are a thrill seeker, you might have a hard time finding sexual happiness once you have reached a level of routine in your relationship. Mor...
How to Do Sexting – Hot Sex Tips for Erotic Text Messages
You don’t have to wait to meet with your man to seduce him just the way you want! Nowadays, technology offers plenty of ways to make your man fall head over heels and the most common of them is texting. Or should we say, sexting which is a popular new term used to define hot and exciting messages you can exchange with your lover during the day.
More Tricks to Step up Your Text Flirting Game
Some people believe we are all attracted at least a little bit to our friends. And while that may not always be the case, we can often find ourselves wanting to flirt with some of them.
Tricks To Step Up Your Text Flirting Game
Flirting by text can be a great way to strengthen the connection between you and your crush. Sending a text to him or her every once in a while can help them think about you more often; this way you will always be on their mind. This will be a great way to have some flirty fun while getting to know each other, that way you will be more comfortable when you get more intimate.
Erotic BDSM Ideas to Kink up Your Sex Life
If you are looking to expand your bedroom activities or simply want to try some things out of your comfort zone then introducing some elements of BDSM to your sex life might be an excellent idea. The good thing about this is you can just add some elements of it.
The Hidden Benefits of Having Sex in Public (And Why You Should Try It Now)
Public sex is a particular fetish for some BDSM practitioners and it can be practiced in a variety of ways! The high level of exhibitionism required for such a fetish makes sexual encounters more intense. Fans of such BDSM scenes usually experience a lot of sexual benefits, not to mention the positive impact it has on their personal relationships.
Vegan Bondage Gear You Absolutely Have To Try
If you are following a vegan lifestyle, your sexual arsenal shouldn’t be an exception from your values and vegan preferences. Luckily, you can find all kind of vegan bondage gear that you might be interested in. In the BDSM world, you will be tempted to try all kinds of fetishes and there are sex toys and outfits that will add a flavour of realism to each and every sexual experience that you have.
Straightjackets, Gags, and Hoods: Take Your Fantasies to the Next Level
Fantasies are common to all of us even if we don’t all get turned on by the same ones, we still like to fantasize on certain things. This is also part of having a healthy sex life and a healthy mind, body and soul.
Reasons Why You Should Have Tantric Sex
The practice of Tantric sex has been around for about 5000 years,even longer than me and my infinite wisdom… wink*These practices look to create a connection between a couple to increase their intimacy and eventually achieve a higher level of spirituality.
Sexy Ways to Boost Your Bondage Fun
Bondage can be super fun. Best of all, you don’t need to go all out to enjoy its perks. What this means is you don’t have to build a dungeon in your bedroom to introduce some bondage into your life. Depending on your tastes you can take as many elements of it as you like such as toys, restraints, blindfolds, etc.
Adding Kama Sutra to your life
I think everyone loves to experiment occasionally when it comes to sex. Even if you consider yourself somewhat non-adventurous, sometimes you just want to try something different. So, have you given a thought about trying Kama Sutra?
Best Sex Positions for First-timers
The first time you have sex with someone new is extremely exciting. It could even be the beginning of a wonderful relationship. So, it is only natural for you to want it to be incredible.
Celebrate Christmas in BDSM Style!
Christmas is an important holiday for many people around the world but within the BDSM community, this holiday can be celebrated so much more intense and with much more sexual excitement.

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