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The Power of Sexting

There are many tools that you can use to spice up your sex life and get your partner’s attention when you need it the most. Since we live in such a modern era, sex toys and accessories can do miracles to our sexual encounters and there is no need to deny the power of a good dildo or anal plug! But what about other technological means that you can use to add some fireworks when you most need it? Sexting can be a very effective way to reach some sexual pleasure when your partner is not near you and you can use it anytime during the day! But there are benefits that sexting brings to your sex life and relationship that you probably didn’t consider so far.

1. Sexting increases intimacy

When you text your partner don’t limit your conversations at just passing along the grocery list when you can use it in so many other ways! You can share your kinky thoughts and fantasies through that keyboard and let them know how much you are thinking of them and in what ways! Take this occasion to tell them things that you didn’t dare to tell them face to face due to several reasons. You will get to know each other much better intimately by doing so and you will feel a lot more connected. Writing stays, words get forgotten, so send a sext as often as possible when you are thinking of your sweetheart! Plus, you might get them to share their sexy desires as well and you can continue sexting back and forth for the rest of the day. A great way to pass time while you are at work for example!

2. It can even give you a quick orgasm

Sexting is a great way to achieve a quick but intense orgasm while your partner is out of reach. It gives you the amount of interaction that you need to feel like you are not doing it alone and it can turn out to be hotter than you imagined! If you are using a sex toy like an electro-stimulating device, which are great for lonely moments, make sure you describe what you feel and what you wish you would experience to your partner. They might even give you ideas about some sex fantasies to masturbate over and tell you to grab those nipple clamps since you are at it! This can turn out to be a mutual quickie for both of you and something to talk about later on when you get to meet again.

3. It contributes to a better sexual encounter

Sexting is not only a way to achieve a quick orgasm but also a way to increase enthusiasm for a future sexual encounter. Describe to your partner what are your plans for that evening and what you are wanting to experience with them. Maybe you have a new sex toy or a new fetish that you want to try out! Giving away some of that precious information will only make them look forward more to your next sexual encounter and all that anticipation will give both of you many intense orgasms! Keep it sexy and mysterious because you don’t want to reveal all your weapons before time comes! It is a great way to make the day a more interesting one and help your partner get emotionally ready for an intense sex scene when you both get home and can experience your sexual desires.

There is no need to wait for a meeting to share all your kinky thoughts and desires with your lover when you can sext them every time one of these ideas crosses your mind. They will love to be part of such an intense game and chances are your relationship will grow in time based on this simple habit that can do miracles for your sex life!

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