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Sex and Ice Cubes are an Exciting Combination

When it comes to having an intense sexual encounter, there is no way to limit yourself on what you can do to satisfy your sexual needs and aim for an intense level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. And besides all the sex toys and accessories that you can use to fulfill your fantasies and fetishes, you can also use ice cubes. If you don’t imagine how you can incorporate some ice into your hot and exciting sexual life, here are some useful tips and tricks to create intense sexual scenes and surprise your partner in a great and positive way. Be careful because it might become addictive, especially during summer time when temperatures are rising on top of the hotness of your sexual experience!

1. You can turn your man on visually

Men need to be turned on visually and to do that you should make them lose their mind once they lay their eyes on you. Sure, the fact that you are wearing a sexy lingerie will definitely help in the process. You can even wear a hot wig to spice things up even more. But you can also be naked and run an ice cube on your body as your partner is watching you and getting more exciting. This is a great form of foreplay as well. When they see the ice cube melting in contact with the hotness of your soft skin, they will be so intensively stimulating that you are on for an amazing sexual encounter that will end in an even more amazing orgasm for both of you.

2. You can use ice cubes on their body

Besides turning them on by watching you run an ice cube on your sexy body, you can also tease them with some ice on their sexy body! Men love to be stimulated like that and you can mix this practice with other sexual stimulation such as making them wear an anal plug while you turn them on. Use your imagination and creative skills to make this as intense as possible and don’t let your inhibitions stay in your way. Also, if you are a BDSM enthusiast you can tie your partner in a form of bondage and stimulate them with ice cubes all over their body. This will be extremely hot for both of you!

3. Mix ice cubes with other sex toys and accessories

You don’t need to limit yourself at only using some ice cubes, as sexy and hot as they can be. You can combine them with a bunch of sex toys and accessories and increase the sexual stimulation beyond the limits. The market offers you a variety of options to enjoy during your sexual encounters from nipple clamps to orgasm belts and your partner will love to try all of them with you. Ask your partner about the sexual desires and fantasies that they might have and do your best to fulfill them so that both of you will reach the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that you are wanting. This can be part of an intense foreplay but can also lead to an intense orgasm without even having sexual intercourse. It is all up to you and your imagination and the ability to set aside your sexual limits that will never work in the benefit of your relationship.

Ice cubes are a great way to stimulate each other sexually and you can use them during a romantic evening as well as during an exciting BDSM sexual encounter. They also make for a great surprise when you want to set up a sexual scene for you and your partner. So, try to use your imagination and reach your fetishes and fantasies while using come ice to contrast with the hotness of your experience. A great way to use them is when you are giving your partner a blowjob as well!

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