Collars are many things… a lovely decoration, a symbol of submission, a symbol of ownership, a wonderful place to attach lots of lovely things to… *g*

There are lots of different kinds, types, sizes and materials of collars out there. I carry cloth, leather, vinyl and steel styles from simple to extravagant. From those loaded with hardware to delicate, pretty public collars to strict trainers and posture collars.

#681S Surrender Rubber Collar

How do I know which collar is right for me or my sub?

Simply by making choice based on fit, use and desireability. The first is obviously desireability. When you’ve found a collar you like, check to make sure it will fit you or your sub by checking the size range listed with every collar.

Then comes the fun part — what will you be using this for? *g*

If you want to attach cuffs, clamps, leashes or all sorts of other things to it, get a collar like my Utility Slave Collar, Abducted Collar, Wicked Collar or Impetuous Slave collars that have lots of rings or attachment points. For a dressy collar, I like the Cascade Chain Collar or the Glamour Chain Collar.

For public wear, my usual everyday collar is the Princess collar. Sometimes the Handmaiden or Bound Beauty collars and more stict collars when I’m wearing a turtleneck too! It’s our sexy secret (except when the rings jingle too much! *g*) The Kinky Kitten, Precious and Dainty Ring collars are great public collars and I have many spiked collars for gothic loving souls to wear anywhere! *g*

Personally, I have a lot of collars as you can see by my pages! You’ll probably end up with a few before long, so let your imagination run wild and decide what you want most of all! See my selection of collars here!

What’s the best kind of collar for a collaring ceremony?

This is a question I get a lot. Naturally, this is a very personal choice, but when people ask me what type of collar is preferred in a collaring ceremony, I typically tell them just that — which is your personal choice? The types & styles of collars I like are the more decorative collars, but many like to choose a collar they’ll wear every day. The Glamour collar is a very pretty choice as is the Cascade Chain collar. The most important thing is that it’s special to you.

What is a Collaring Ceremony?

The collaring ceremony is another thing I get quite a few questions about. Again, varies as widely as those performing it. Some do it in a group, others as a couple. Do what feels right. Master did my formal collaring as an impromptu session long after we had been together when he felt the time was right. It was beautiful because it was special to us and that’s all that matters. Whether presented over dinner or to a naked and bound slave, (or both! *g*) it’s a beautiful thing that will give you treasured memories.

What’s a posture collar?

A posture collar is a collar that is typically at least two inches tall, but usually 3–5 inches tall. They are designed to keep the head and chin up thereby giving the look of strict, formal posture. Some are stiffer than others, some are softer, some are taller than most and some are «starter» collars that offer you the look of a posture collar in a much easier to wear item. Some have tapered fronts or sides to allow for more comfort around the shoulders and under the chin. I’ve created a list according to stiffness, collar height, material and level of strictness or wearability to help you choose the best collar for you or your sub below. Look for posture collars here!

How do I choose a posture collar correctly for my size or my sub?

There are many factors to decide what type of collar to choose for your sub or yourself. Beginners would probably not want to leap directly into the largest, most strict posture collar I offer (then again you might *g*). If so, choose my #1613B Conquered Slave Posture Collar. It’s probably the most strict posture collar I offer. The easiest to wear is my #1620W Patience Latex Posture Collar. It’s made of a thin, comfortable, yet durable high quality latex that conforms easily to your/your sub’s neck. It’s still 3» tall and looks great on while offering some of the benefits of a posture collar, but it’s very easy to wear, especially for long periods of time. My favorite? My #612S 3 Ring Posture Collar is my all time favorite. For me personally, it’s a perfect blend of comfort I desire and strictness I crave. (Which is good because Master likes to use this one on me a lot! *g*) To help you make your own decision, I’ve listed my posture collars below according to stiffness, collar height, material and level of strictness or wearability. The #1630A Total Control 4» Posture Collar is probably the easiest 4» collar to wear as it has the largest tapered cutout. (It’s still very strict and impossible to turn your head without turning your shoulders! *g*) Look for posture collars here!

Easiest to Wear:
Collar Material Height Strictness/ Stiffness Wearability Tapered?
#1620W Patience Latex Posture Collar Latex 3" Low Easy No
#1619W Purple Passion Latex Collar Latex 3" Low-Medium Easy No
#1621W Sassy Latex Double Buckle Collar Latex 3" Low-Medium Easy-Moderate No
#612S 3 Ring Posture Collar Leather 3.5" Low-Medium Easy-Moderate Yes
#676S Star Posture Collar Leather 3.5" Low-Medium Easy-Moderate Yes
#1668A Dungeon Slave Collar Leather 3.5" Low-Medium Easy-Moderate Yes
#1656A Gwendoline Posture Collar Leather 3" Low-Medium Easy-Moderate Yes
Collar Material Height Strictness/ Stiffness Wearability Tapered?
#1683A Pet Trainer Posture Collar Leather 3" Medium Moderate No
#674T Hasp Ring Locking Posture Collar Leather 3" Medium Moderate Yes
#1629A Brazen Slave Collar Leather 3" Medium Moderate No
#658T Pussy Collar Leather 3" Medium Moderate No
#1670A Corset Cuff Collar Leather 3" Medium Moderate Yes
More Difficult / Strict :
Collar Material Height Strictness/ Stiffness Wearability Tapered?
#1679A Hard Time Dungeon Posture Collar Leather 3.5" Medium-High Moderate-Difficult Yes
#436T 3" Posture Collar & Ball Gag Combo Leather 3" Medium Moderate-Difficult Yes
#617T 2 Strap Posture Collar Trainer w/ "D" Rings Leather 3" Medium-High Moderate-Difficult No
#619T Large "D" Ring Posture Collar Leather 3" High Moderate-Difficult No
#1641A Lead Me Into Temptation Collar Leather 3" Medium-High Moderate-Difficult Yes
#1630A Total Control 4” Posture Collar Leather 4" Medium-High Moderate-Difficult Yes
#657T Patent Leather Lace-up Posture Collar Lined Patent Leather 4" Medium Moderate Yes
#437T 4" Posture Collar & Ball Gag Leather 4" Medium-High Moderate-Difficult Yes
#1613B Conquered Slave Posture Collar Leather 4" High Difficult Yes


Let's see some posture collars!

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