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Leashes and Leads Train Her to Follow You Around

Men like to take charge, and if you’re into BDSM that means that your woman needs to know who’s in charge. It can be difficult to get her to follow your orders when you’re in the bedroom, especially when she’s on top of you or you’re doing something else sexy. A leash can fix this problem! By making her wear one while she goes down on you or even while she has sex with you, you can let her know who’s in charge without having to say anything!

How to use Leashes in Bondage Sex

There are multiple reasons why you might want to use a leash in sex play, especially if you’re engaging in BDSM. First of all, leashes make it possible for one partner to take control during bondage play. The bottom or submissive can be positioned in any number of ways—from being tied up in ropes to being placed on a sex swing—and then led around by her lover, who will have free reign over what he wants done with her body. For example, he may choose to take her from behind while she is leashed up. This makes it easier for him to thrust without worrying about getting knocked off balance or accidentally smacking into another object. Similarly, a man may choose to use a leash on his female partner when performing oral sex. If she puts his penis too deep into her mouth and starts gagging, for instance, he can just pull back slightly until she catches her breath again. Also interesting: Some women find that having their breasts sucked while they wear nipple clamps helps them reach orgasm more quickly than usual because they aren’t able to touch themselves and so feel more dependent upon their partners than usual.

Punishment Pleasure

If you’re not already using a leash in your BDSM play, here are a few reasons why you should start. First, they give you more control over your partner’s movements during sex. For example, if she’s being punished for being naughty, you can easily guide her around wherever you want to discipline her. Second, if she has a physical condition that limits mobility, a lead can help keep her from falling down or tripping over objects. Third—and perhaps most important—leashes provide something BDSM players call immediacy. They create closeness with your partner because every movement is done with complete transparency. It also creates an erotic sensation of total submission because it helps make your partner feel helpless. That might sound scary but remember, leashes are ultimately supposed to bring pleasure, not pain. So when used correctly, they’ll leave both of you much happier at bedtime!

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