Your Ultimate Guides to Collars

The Beauty of Collar Bondage
It’s hard to imagine anything more alluring than this beautiful, traditional form of restraint, but even long before BDSM gained popularity, collars were popular among couples in the bedroom. Whether you’re interested in kink or just want to try something new in the bedroom, consider adding collar bondage to your repertoire!
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Uses of Collars in BDSM
Collars are a way of demonstrating a commitment between partners in the BDSM community. In that sense they symbolize the commitment between couples, like a wedding or formalized union; they are saying ‘I am yours’ just that instead of a ring around a finger, it is a collar in a neck.
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The Collaring Ceremony Checklist
Time has passed, the relationship between dominant and submissive has gone so well you have decided to make it official: a collaring ceremony will take place to symbolize your commitment and love for one another. Congratulations sweetheart! But…Now what? As with any event, you will need to go over some points, so here a few items to think about.
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Bondage Collaring Ceremony Essentials
Just as we remember any special moment in our lives, a collaring ceremony is definitely an experience to remember. But just as any event, it takes a bit of planning to get the most out of it. It will be a special moment to celebrate the commitment between a master and his slave, so you will want to plan ahead.
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Collar FAQ

Collars are many things... a lovely decoration, a symbol of submission, a symbol of ownership, a wonderful place to attach lots of lovely things to... *g*

There are lots of different kinds, types, sizes and materials of collars out there. I carry cloth, leather, vinyl and steel styles from simple to extravagant. From those loaded with hardware to delicate, pretty public collars to strict trainers and posture collars.

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The Collaring Ceremony
I’ve known a couple friends who have had collaring ceremonies, but have not been formally collared myself. (I’m a bit too much of a «free-spirit» for that yet! *wink*) I’ve always wondered about it, though, and look forward to the day when I do receive my own collar from my «one and only», so I’ve asked them about it and did a little research on my own…see the lengths I go to for you?
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