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Your Ultimate Guides to Collars

Should I Use a Posture Collar in My BDSM Routine?
If you’re involved in BDSM, you might have heard of the term posture collar before, but do you know what it means? It can also be called chin up bandage or choker. This type of collar that was originally used as medical equipment for convalescents and has been adopted into the world of kink.
Leashes and Leads Train Her to Follow You Around
Men like to take charge, and if you’re into BDSM that means that your woman needs to know who’s in charge. It can be difficult to get her to follow your orders when you’re in the bedroom, especially when she’s on top of you or you’re doing something else sexy. A leash can fix this problem!
Explore Your Kinky Side with Collar Bondage Delight
Let your inner submissive free with collar bondage, everything you need to explore your kinky side. The kit comes with an elegant steel BDSM colla...
Collaring Ceremony Tips and Etiquette
Collaring ceremony is performed with a special collar instead of a wedding ring. It is a special collar of special significance chosen by the Master to present to his slave. The collar should be whatever you feel most comfortable with and has significance to you both.
Collar BDSM Bondage - How to Dominate Your Partner
The collar will be one of the first pieces of BDSM bondage gear you use on your submissive, and it's what some people think of first when they hea...
Wicked Leashes and Leads for the Bondage Enthusiasts
If you’re looking to get into some bondage play, you’ll need the right tools for the job. While your imagination is more than enough to create som...
Easy Guide to Choosing a Bondage Collar
First, let’s be clear of the type of collar we are talking about. The collar is a device made of various materials worn by a person around the neck, generally, to indicate their submissive or slave status in a BDSM relationship.
Why you must add a collar to your seduction game
Collars can be very exciting accessories to complete your outfit with. But they also have an intense sexual effect on your partner and if you know how to make the most out of that, you can take your intimate life to new and more interesting levels.
What Type of Sex Scenes Can Be Empowered by Wearing a Collar
Collars are great sexual accessories that you can use to enjoy an intense and exciting sexual encounter. You might think that wearing a collar is appropriate in almost all types of sex scenes but even if that can be somewhat true, there are still situations in which collars work better than the rest.
Uses of Collars in BDSM
Collars are a way of demonstrating a commitment between partners in the BDSM community. In that sense they symbolize the commitment between couples, like a wedding or formalized union; they are saying ‘I am yours’ just that instead of a ring around a finger, it is a collar in a neck.
How Wearing a Collar Might Increase Your Sexual Pleasure
If you never tried a collar as a sexual accessory, you will be surprised to discover the potential that these accessories have when it comes to your intimate life! A sexy collar can be so much more than a fashion statement and as a matter of fact it can be a great turn on for both you and your partner.
Beginner’s Guide to BDSM Collars
Collars are a way of demonstrating the commitment between partners in the BDSM community. In a sense they symbolize the bond of a couple, like a wedding or formalized union. They are saying ‘I am yours’ but instead of a ring around a finger, it is a collar on the neck.
Fetishes and the Right Collars for Them
If you are not sure what to use a collar for, besides the obvious fashion advantage that such an accessory can bring you, you should know that there are plenty of sexual fantasies that can be enriched by wearing a collar as well.
What You Don't Know About a Collaring Ceremony
To those unfamiliar with the BDSM lifestyle, one of the most confusing aspects of a BDSM relationship is the idea of collaring. When someone not in the lifestyle sees a collared submissive, they assume it’s a matter of control.
The Collaring Ceremony Checklist
Time has passed, the relationship between dominant and submissive has gone so well you have decided to make it official: a collaring ceremony will take place to symbolize your commitment and love for one another. Congratulations sweetheart! But…Now what? As with any event, you will need to go over some points, so here a few items to think about.
How to do a Bondage Collaring Ceremony
Collaring ceremonies share a lot in common with weddings. Both are done out of a desire to commit to someone in a more permanent way. Just that in this case, the collar is the physical representation of that commitment; of the shared bond the Dominant and the Submissive share.
Bondage Collaring Ceremony Essentials
Just as we remember any special moment in our lives, a collaring ceremony is definitely an experience to remember. But just as any event, it takes a bit of planning to get the most out of it. It will be a special moment to celebrate the commitment between a master and his slave, so you will want to plan ahead.
How to do a BDSM Collaring Ceremony
You may have heard about collaring ceremonies before, but chances are you probably haven’t been to one… yet. Or maybe you have not heard about it before. Well, thinking about a collaring ceremony being similar to a wedding helps a lot.
Collar FAQ

Collars are many things... a lovely decoration, a symbol of submission, a symbol of ownership, a wonderful place to attach lots of lovely things to... *g*

There are lots of different kinds, types, sizes and materials of collars out there. I carry cloth, leather, vinyl and steel styles from simple to extravagant. From those loaded with hardware to delicate, pretty public collars to strict trainers and posture collars.

The Collaring Ceremony
I’ve known a couple friends who have had collaring ceremonies, but have not been formally collared myself. (I’m a bit too much of a «free-spirit» for that yet! *wink*) I’ve always wondered about it, though, and look forward to the day when I do receive my own collar from my «one and only», so I’ve asked them about it and did a little research on my own…see the lengths I go to for you?

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