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Fetishes and the Right Collars for Them

If you are not sure what to use a collar for, besides the obvious fashion advantage that such an accessory can bring you, you should know that there are plenty of sexual fantasies that can be enriched by wearing a collar as well. As a matter of fact, in the BDSM community, collars are quite popular and frequently used to identify the submissive partner. Here are the most popular fetishes that you can enjoy while wearing your favourite collar along with other accessories and make the most out of such sexual experiences!

1. Pony play

Pony play is a great type of fetish to use your collar in as well as plenty of other fun sex toys and accessories. Pony play is actually pet play, in which the submissive partner is fulfilling the role of a pet who is extremely obedient to their owner. And on that note, you will want to wear a collar with a leash attached but also many other sex toys such as fur tails, bit gags and thematic outfits. You will be able to find outfits that make you look like a cute furry pet that your lover will want to have fun with. Also, you can use different gestures and attitudes to complete the pet image and turn on your owner even more. This will be one of the best fetishes you will try and it can definitely redefine your sex life and enrich your sexuality every time you dive into it.

2. Impact games

There is no BDSM couple that didn’t try impact games at least once during their sexual encounters. During such fetishes, your dominant partner will most likely use sex toys such as paddles, floggers or whips to not only dominate you but also discipline you as their submissive. And the fact that you will be wearing a hot collar during such a sexual encounter can only make things even hotter for both of you. Impact play sex scenes are used as a foreplay, before the actual intercourse starts or they can be a way to achieve orgasms as well. Because such sexual encounters can be extremely intense, you might want to keep an open mind when it comes to the level of pain and pleasure that you might experience. It might be wise to have a safe word in place for those situations when you are not enjoying the sex scene as much as your lover or even worse, when you are not comfortable as being part of it. If your mouth is covered by a gag, implement a safe action to perform in order to let your dominant know that you need a change.

3. Any type of submissive fetish

Since a collar is a statement of submissiveness, it can and it actually should be used in any type of fetishes that imply a trade of control during sex. If you are the obedient type of partner, don’t forget to wear your collar so you can give your lover the visual satisfaction that they need when they are exploring your body and sexuality. Also, make sure that the collar you are wearing suits the rest of your outfit and gives you a hot image that your lover can enjoy as they are racing to achieve one of those intense orgasms with you. In such fetishes you can go as far as you want and forget about unnecessary limits because you can definitely have the time of your life without them!

4. Choking fetish

There are more and more couples interested in choking fetishes and neck fetishes. Some people will be turned on by a beautiful neck with a hot and sexy collar on it. Others will simply get the choking sensation as they are wearing the collar which can give them an immediate sexual arousal. Either way, collars are great if you find yourself interested in such fetishes. This combines a visual type of stimulation with a physical one and it gives you plenty of reasons to go further and see how hardcore are you willing to get with your partner.

Collars can definitely give a new light to your sexual encounters and allow you to experience interesting fetishes. You might need a good imagination and certain different sex toys and accessories to go along with your collars but it is all going to be for a great and intense orgasm that you will share with your lover in the end. Before you know it, collars can open your appetite to more complex BDSM games and even more exciting fantasies. But you will only enjoy such experiences if you are an open minded individual, curious to understand your sexual nature and its fascinating potential. So, take your collar and see how far you can go with it!

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