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How wearing a collar might increase your sexual pleasure

If you never tried a collar as a sexual accessory, you will be surprised to discover the potential that these accessories have when it comes to your intimate life! A sexy collar can be so much more than a fashion statement and as a matter of fact it can be a great turn on for both you and your partner. This is the main reason why collars are so extremely popular within the BDSM community, and in some aspects, they are more popular than other sex toys used to increase sexual pleasure during different scenes. Here’s why a collar can make the difference between a random sexual encounter and a special one, full of intensity and excitement!

1. You will feel like a true slave

The main quality of collars, especially among BDSM enthusiasts, is the fact that they make you feel as submissive as you want to. Feeling submissive toward your lover can be a great feeling, especially if it turns you on to give up control over your body and sexuality. And a collar gives you such a feeling of vulnerability and exposure that will get you excited every time you wear it. Even if this type of feeling can be as genuine as you want it to be, you will still have a safe word or a safe action in place so that you can change the course of events if the situation doesn’t go in a way that pleases you too. Because any type of sexual encounter should bring intense satisfaction and pleasure to all partners involved so, this aspect shouldn’t be neglected or compromised on.

2. You will look a lot hotter and more attractive

If you choose your collar in a way that compliments your outfit and the type of lingerie that you are wearing, you will feel a lot more attractive. This will increase your confidence in yourself and your sex appeal, which can only make you feel more excited during any type of sex scene. Your lover will also appreciate the way you look while you are wearing a hot collar and they will feel more entitled to explore your body and sexuality in a way that you will both love! And make sure to have the right attitude a well because regardless to your image, attitude can also be a very important factor when you want to express your sexuality. Be confident and aware of your beauty and think of yourself as a precious gift for your master or mistress.

3. It enhances the satisfaction during impact play

Impact play is highly popular in the BDSM community. It involves the use of exciting sex toys such as whips, paddles or floggers in order to discipline the submissive partner. And if the submissive partner also wears a sexy collar while they are being spanked, things can get so much hotter for both of you! Impact play by itself will make you feel owned by your master or mistress, and the collar only comes to complete the visual stimulation generated by such intense sexual activities. This will lead your partner toward an intense orgasm sooner than you might expect and it will all be thanks to the effect of obedience that your collar creates around the sexual encounter. Besides impact play, collars have the same visual effect on many BDSM fetishes and you should wear them to enhance the pleasure in a variety of sex scenes. For instance, you can try to add the right collar to your pet and pony fantasy as you want to make it seem even more real, along with other thematic sex toys and accessories that go along with it. If your lover will discipline you, a collar is definitely a must in order to give them the feeling that they own your body and sexuality just the way they want to.

Collars are some very significant sexual accessories for many BDSM couples out there and they can be use in so many ways that it is hard to believe anyone would get tired of them. The more you use a collar, the better you will understand its sexual power and the capacity it has when it comes to transforming an outfit and taking a sex scene to a whole new level. Keep an open mind and be always willing to learn new tricks when it comes to how you can use your collar to empower your sexuality! Remember that when it comes to complex sex scenes, details can make all the difference and a collar can be just what you and your lover need to get more involved in the submissive and dominance type of sex game. Forget your inhibitions and put your collar on for your next sex scene!

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