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Easy Ways to Master the Art of Flirting with Women

Once you learn the key elements about how to flirt with women you have to practice it and then some. Of course, you need to learn the theory behind flirting to appreciate and understand it. Once you do, you need to put it to practical use. In time, being a good flirt and charming women would become second nature to you once you have done it often. Who knows? You may even get a call from a friend in need when they are in dire straits wink*

Bear in mind, you don’t want to just go full face on anyone without having read first some of the basics of flirting. Think of it like learning to drive. As a beginner, you need to read a bit about it before you grab the steering wheel. But in the end you only learn by driving firsthand. The same is true with flirting as you need to practice flirting with a few women. You can attempt by flirting with cashiers, waitresses, sales assistants, bartenders, and the like. When you flirt with women for the first time, you need to be a bit playful. You don’t have to get intense at once. Even so this will help build your confidence so you know what to do when you are flirting with someone you genuinely like. Moreover, someone you want to take out on a date. So, the more you flirt, the better you will be at it. Even if you flirt with someone who is not interested in you romantically, at least the two of you would have a good laugh and a fun time because of it.

Flirting can also be a good way to do something different in your daily routine. As a matter of fact, good flirty conversation can improve anyone’s day even if it doesn’t go anywhere. Another advantage of flirting is it will make you look confident and in turn become a major turn on for people wink*

Remember flirting should be fun. So, you don’t need to take it too serious. It is all about adding some fun and charging the sexual tension during an exchange between two people. Even if you don’t want to actively pursue something with a woman, you can try flirting just for fun. When you flirt without any intention and just want to have an enjoyable conversation, you may find you actually get more phone numbers than when you would have had you actively tried to pick some women. Even when you are just practicing and make some mistakes, you might still be able to get women. If you don’t, then you still had fun anyway wink*

You can begin by setting up a goal of flirting with two women every day for a month. To make it easier, you might consider flirting with your coworkers, the barista who gets your coffee, etc. If you do manage to achieve your goal then go ahead and give yourself a little reward.

A positive thing about flirting a lot is it can help build your confidence. Hence, you won’t get too hung up by awkward interactions or be too worried about a girl who doesn’t like you back. You should know if it doesn’t work out with this one, there are still more to come. All things considered, you don’t need anyone’s approval (this trait makes you super sexy too)

The cherry on the top is to create some affirmations to repeat to yourself. You can try, ‘I attract lovely women’ or ‘I am not nervous around beautiful women.’ Be sure to repeat these affirmations every day and over time, you will believe them. In fact, you will be able to rewire your brain if you say something enough times, but you will also need to take some action to go along with those words. Thus, it will create a lot of confidence in your aura as you practice flirting too. With enough time and practice you will become a master at the art of flirting with women wink*

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