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Easy Lessons to Flirt Better

Having good chemistry is winning half the fight, but you also need to be able to flirt in order to win the attention of your potential partner. The thing about flirting is that you should always try to get your best assets out there, kind of like a job interview; like your personality but better. Basically you need to be able to sell yourself well so they can see what a great catch you are!

A great way to start things of is with some light banter. Generally this will come up naturally if there is chemistry, but you can try to make some teasing or playful remarks. This is a good way to engage in conversation because it is a great opener; after a few moments you can begin asking something more personal or get into a deeper level of conversation.

Gauge the situation to see if that potential partner is interested. You can do this by flirting a little. Simply pay attention to what they are saying then add a little something extra. What I mean by this is to simply speak in a softer tone while holding eye contact at all times. Once you feel their reactions are positive, you can always lean a bit closer to them and touch them a little while you are talking; this can be something like taking the hair off their faces or touch their arm or leg. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown hug!

A little something people tend to love is a good sense of humor, probably because all human beings love to laugh, right? But this doesn’t mean you have to learn a bunch of knock-knock jokes or watch a TED talk on how to be comedian. If you have comedic abilities by all means go to town and make them laugh, but it is more important to make casual remarks or simply funny observations that come to your mind. And do them only if they feel natural to you because nothing is more of a turn off than fakeness or trying too hard. Besides, if there is chemistry and they like you, there is a pretty good chance they will laugh anyway wink*

Do you know what good flirters know how to do? They remember details and small things. Everyone appreciates someone who can remember the small things they talk about and it shows an interest in their part. And once again you don’t need to try too hard, just make sure to pay attention so you can bring on some details and pieces of information later on in the conversation. This will make you win a bunch of brownie points.

Another thing you can do to be flirtier is to compliment your partner. But this is not about using cheesy compliments you have heard a million times (You are so beautiful you must be an angel…did it hurt when you fell off the sky? etc.) The idea here is to be honest and original, so stay away from over used things they have probably heard a million times. That is why you need to single out things that you really like or admire about them; anything from a small mole they have in their face to how selfless they are…focus and think about something that is true to you about them. Everyone loves a good compliment, especially if it comes from the heart…

And there is a little trick you can do when you want to seal the deal. This is something you can do when you want to send some signals to your partner; more specifically, signs that you want to kiss them. Basically you will look first into one eye and then the other eye; you will follow by looking at their mouth and then their eyes again (get it? that it why is called the triangle). You can finish by giving them a little smile or even a smirk if you feel like it. Usually this will be a clear sign for them to know what you have in mind.

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