Essential Steps to Flirt Like a Pro

By now, you probably know all the basics when it comes to flirting and making someone notice you. With some luck, have them approach you as well *wink* But you can always refine your game and go the extra mile.

A good way to really take it up a notch is to make use of some teasing to your advantage. A bit of teasing will show your intentions to the one you are interested in and it can also draw some attention your way. You can do the old push and pull, and if you don’t know what I mean by this, I can tell you exactly what it is. The long story short, you will need to give them a little then pull back some.

You can do this by saying some things in jest, for instance, ‘I think you are the most amazing person I have ever encountered, this year anyway,’ or ‘Ohh, you are so cute, you remind me of my cousin,’ ‘It is a shame we are so alike, we will never be able to get along properly.’ Get the idea? You want to stay away from backhanded compliments, but you want to make sure you are being playful and teasing. It should be clear to them you don’t want it to backfire. When you say those things smile, be self-deprecating if it fits. Sneak in a little touch of their forearm or a slight nudge. Obviously, you should only do this when it fits the conversation. Don’t try to force those comments when it is not appropriate. If the person you are flirting with gets offended or doesn’t like your comment, simply apologize and change the topic to something less polarizing.

When you are ready and more comfortable around each other, you can play around with dirty conversations. But to get here, you will need to build up to a flirty environment, something friendly and casual, so don’t rush it. This is all about crossing the line by making some sexual remarks or comments to see how they react. What you say is entirely up to you. Just be sure never to say anything really offensive or super dirty and outrageous. Remember, this is all about being flirty, sexy and lighthearted.

Another thing you can do is to get touchier to send the right impression. You can do this by sneaking a touch every now and then. Find excuses to touch your possible partner. You can touch their hair or help them or grab on to them while you are crossing the street. Are they wearing a new shirt? ‘Oh, this material feels so nice’ New earrings? ‘Let me see them!’ Once you get in the right mind everything can be the perfect opportunity to touch them! Of course, make sure to let your touch linger for one second longer than necessary so they your intention.

Obviously, you should ask them out. You don’t need to make it a super formal invitation. While you are talking and flirting, ask them out to see a movie or plan to have lunch later in the week. You can also do this when you are saying goodbye or when you are flirting over text. The idea is to make it sound super casual. If they only laugh about it, remind them again the next time you meet. However, if you get the same reaction or they shrug you off, then it can be a sign they are not ready to go out with you just yet. If so, you can either keep trying a few more times or move on to the next potential mate.

Hence, you will need to learn when to take a hint. Watch their body language closely when you are flirting. Notice how they respond to your moves, are they being polite but aren’t overly enthusiastic? Does their smile reach their eyes? Do they give short and awkward laughs but don’t seem to get into your banter? If they do, it is best to dial back your flirting a little.

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