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Easy Ways to Be Good at Flirting

You might consider yourself quite a catch, you have a good job, you are attractive and with a great personality too. But none of these matter if you do not know how to flirt correctly. The truth is, all those great things will be lost if you can’t do it. You might be the greatest catch in the world but those who know how to flirt have an advantage. As a matter of fact, there is nothing more effective in the area of love and relationships than knowing how to flirt.

Eye contact is one of the key techniques you need to master to be a good flirt. It is one of those non-verbal forms of communication to let you signal a lot of things. So, if you are interested in ‘something more’ then good eye contact can really send someone the message. It would be the perfect step towards creating a connection with someone you’d like to get to know better. In fact, scientific studies have shown strangers who hold eye contact for a few minutes have increased feelings of passionate love towards the other person.

The whole secret behind creating an expressive eye contact flirting move is to hold the look for a bit longer than normal. You do need to hold it for sometime so the other person understands what you are trying to communicate. When you see someone you like, try to meet his or her gaze. Hold it for a few moments then look away. If you see they are not giving you strange looks or are leaving in fear, look at him or her a few more times in the same manner. Just remember not to stare at them all wide eye and freaky. You don’t want to look like a creep holding their gaze for five minutes straight. Afterward, approach them and introduce yourself.

Once you are ready to make the next move and make your way over there then you will need to do it from the front. And before your mind goes to the gutter, it means to approach the person face-to-face. Remember, no one would appreciate being approached from the back by a stranger. This is a significant reminder for men when approaching women. If the one you like is not in your direction you should either wait for them to move or make your way around them so you are face to face with one another. This way you diminish your chances of being kicked, you will also be able to take a good look at each other and find out if both of you like what you see. Tip: if the one you like is seated it is better to sit right next to them instead of tapping them on the shoulder.

When you are deep in conversation remember to compliment him or her in the right way. No doubt, everyone has heard the same compliments like, ‘You have beautiful eyes,’ ‘you are sexy,’ and other generic flattery. Instead, you should try remarking on something different and original about them. For example, ‘I love how you dress’ or ‘You have a fantastic sense of humor.’ When you do, it shows them you are paying attention to more substantial things and not just what is superficial.

A gentle touch is also a good way to show them you are interested. But you should be careful about touching strangers. When done right, it is a great way to be a good flirt. Otherwise, you can get into a lot of trouble. The main thing here is to do it gently. Don’t grab onto something you shouldn’t grab....well at least not yet *wink* A friendly touch can be something like a gentle push of the shoulder or a shoulder tap. Do this as a way to test the waters with a potential partner to see if they are also interested. You don’t want to touch them in a more intimate manner, like brushing their hair or touching their face after you have just met. What you need to do is touch them where it is neutral. For example, touching their forearm is a good way to send a message you are flirting.

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