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Guide to Flirting by Touch for Beginners

Touching someone is a fantastic opportunity to flirt. But you want to make it subtle enough so the person doesn’t realize you are openly flirting with them (while they still get the message you are trying to send). Not to mention you also want to be polite and respectful because you don’t want your possible partner calling the police for your creepy behavior.

The person on the receiving end of your touch can get extremely excited when you brush against them or do something just as subtle. Think about it: haven’t you felt a thrill when person you like touches you subtly? This can drive home the message of ‘I have something more than friends on my mind’

Flirting by touch is also a good way to initiate sexual contact and intimacy, hey, you do have to start somewhere *wink* The key here is to do it naturally; imagine something like placing your palm at the low of her back and the like. Think about this, sometimes you are having a normal conversation with a member of the opposite sex when they suddenly grab your palm or hold your hand. You immediately jolt and realize, ‘hey, a woman is touching me.’ This is not a calculated move. In fact, it is something very natural and organic. But it can really change the atmosphere.

We, as humans, get excited when someone touches us. It is simple human behavior to get instantly attracted to a female friend once a touch occurs. You can say human minds are used to touching; touches can really activate happy feelings inside of us. Basically, you can blame this on our simple human brains *wink*

A touch can go a long way because it triggers something emotional deep inside us. In turn, it can influence the person we are attracted to. You need to keep in mind, touching is probably the most powerful sense. It has more impact than sight, smell or sound. Touching is extremely important and you shouldn’t underestimate it as it has the power to overcome all of our other senses together. This is why you want to touch someone you like; it is your best chance of creating an attraction there. When you flirt with someone and touch them at the same time you have a winning combo at your fingertips.

You should also be aware some flirty touches don’t mean you need to completely grab your crush. The most important part about all of this is to be natural, so instead of manhandling someone (and by the way, don’t ever do this unless you are being asked to) try to leave some lingering touches on their skin and draw close enough to them so they can feel your body heat. This will win you more points and the other person will become more attracted to you.

If you have been paying attention to her and the chemistry between you, you will be able to sneak in some lingering touches comfortably when you are on a date with her. Remember there is a thin line between winning her heart and being a creepy dude, but I trust you have enough information not to embarrass yourself wink*

Of course, don’t underestimate the power of some good ambiance. Picking the right place to make a move should really come in handy for you. For example, it is in your best interest to choose a place where you need to be side by side instead of in front of each other. Additionally, romantic places with cozy settings are the perfect backdrop to partake in some flirty natural touches. Keep the conversation light, lower your voice and whisper if you can…she will need to come closer so she can hear you. The next move is on you pal *wink*

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