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Top 3 Ways to Use Dirty Talk in Bed

Talking during sex is extremely hot, especially if both of you are on the same page. If this becomes an obsession, then it is known as a dirty talk fetish. Such a sexual practice can easily elevate to a more intense one such as verbal humiliation.

Verbal humiliation is a popular practice during sexual encounters based on BDSM activities between a dominant and a submissive. But you can start talking during your sexual encounters even if you are not into BDSM fetishes and fantasies because the right words can spice things up a lot during such an intense moment. What should you say? When is the right time to say it? If you are a shy person, this might be a small challenge for you to overcome for the sake of your sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Here are some ideas to help you start talking during your sex scene and turn your partner on even more than before with your moans of pleasure!

1. Be descriptive

When you are lacking inspiration, or you feel too shy to express yourself, being descriptive is always a good idea. You can simply express the actions your lover performs and how you feel while they do it. Tell them how much it turns you on when they are touching your breasts, or how good it feels to wear a pair of nipple clamps during your intimate moments. If you are wearing a butt plug, describe how it makes you feel and how much it turns you on sexually. Your partner will love to hear all the physical sensations you are going through and learn the sexual power they have over your excited body. Your descriptions should be short and to the point so as not to take much of their attention away from the actual sexual encounter. Remember, you want to add excitement and stimulation to your sex scene. Moreover, increase the level of pleasure your lover is experiencing by giving them a glimpse into your own feelings.

2. Speak out your sexual desires

Verbalizing your sexual desires can be very arousing during sexual intercourse and even during foreplay. All you have to do is let your lover know what you would like them to do during your sexual encounters and give them details regarding the way you would like to be touched and stimulated. If you would prefer to try a certain sex position or add some electro stimulating devices to your sexual encounter, you should feel free to express it in a sexy and exciting way. It will be hot for both of you to hear those sexual desires and make them happen during your sex escapades. Your partner will also feel turned on by the fact you know what you want and you are willing to go for it in order to make your intimate moments even hotter.

3. Try using naughty words

If you are not so shy and you are ready for some serious excitement, try adding some naughty words during intercourse. You can whisper them in your lover’s ear or scream it out loud from the intense sexual pleasure you feel. Some couples like to try some name calling during such a sex scene and they find it extremely hot. You can go as naughty and as dirty as you want as long as both of you are comfortable. Encourage your partner to do the same so both of you get the chance to spice things up by using verbal stimulation.

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