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What Every Guy Should Know Before Flirting

Almost every woman has the power to know when a guy is flirting with her. Usually, if the woman is interested, she will give signs. On the other hand, one sure thing is, if she is not interested, she will let you know right away. When you flirt with someone you need to make it good, in order to increase your chances of success. There are no guaranteed results, chemistry has a lot to do with this, but you can learn some tips to tip the balance in your favor.

First of all, you need to put in some effort. There is no way of faking this because you simply must lay your best version out there: the best version of yourself. You also need to make her realize you are worth it, and one of the greatest ways to do this is by showing her! This doesn’t necessarily refer to flirting; it is more of a natural progression of things.

When you are talking with her, make sure to compliment her when you feel like it. Now, keep in mind you don’t want to make it look like overkill, do it when you really mean it. For instance, let her know when she looks extra good or when she has done something different with her hair. Don’t be afraid to say things like, “I love how you smell today” or “Your hair really makes your eyes stand out.”

If you are worried about not being able to pinpoint these things, remember that if you like someone chances are you will notice the changes anyway. Stay away from things like, “Oh, how far does that blush go?” or “I want to see if your hair color matches other parts of your body.” Those will make you sound like a creep or a d-bag.

By any chance, if you are simply someone who doesn’t notice stuff like that, make an effort and be more aware! The idea is to give her the right compliments, so stay away from clichés and try to tell her flattering remarks she will remember in the long run.

The big part of giving compliments is to make sure she feels special and that she is the number one girl in your life. If she sees you are flirting with other people, she will feel as if she is one of the bunch and you are not singling her out. Basically speaking, these last two points mean that you will need to make her feel unique and exceptional.

A really big ally in your favor is being funny. Mostly everyone (if not every single person) loves someone who makes them laugh. You can definitely incorporate humor into your flirting. But like I always say: only do it if it feels natural, don’t fake it. You don’t need to learn some jokes but try to find humor in every situation and lean towards the lighter side of things. Don’t hesitate to voice out a particular funny statement that suddenly pops into your head.

Every once and in awhile you can also tease her a bit. Flirting has a lot to do with banter; it doesn’t have to be something sexual. Generally, it has to do with touches, laughter and charming comments. To keep her on her toes don’t be afraid to tease a little bit, occasionally, don’t let that opportunity pass away!

And of course, relax. If you are not comfortable and you are stressed out about this whole thing or you’re worried if you are good enough at this, your flirting will not be effective because she will see right through you. Incorporate these tips into your flirting by letting the natural chemistry and your personality flow easily like a river.

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