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Subtle Ways to Flirt with Him

Part of the beauty of flirting is you can’t make it too obvious; trying to catch the attention of a guy you like without seeming like it was your intention can be a bit difficult, but with a little bit of guidance you can totally get there. However to do so, you do need to get in a man’s position and enter their head: knowing how men think is an important aspect of this whole deal.

A lot of men are very flirty by nature. Maybe it is biologically engrained into them (to charm as many ladies as possible). But you need to understand almost 100% of them love the idea of flirting with someone. Having said this, it can be scary flirting with just anyone, so they need some sort of signal to approach someone.

It is why you need to give the green light, a signal saying ‘I won’t slap you if you come onto me.’ You need to show them you are approachable and wouldn’t mind some attention.

Smiling is usually a good signal. If you are smiling and laughing while he is talking to you, he will take this as a good sign. Don’t be rude or arrogant, just be nice! Another important thing to do is to give them compliments. It doesn’t have to be fake, just don’t be afraid of remarking on the things you like or notice about him. Likewise, if he pays you a compliment make sure to smile and say ‘Thank you.’

You also need to maintain eye contact and stare into his eyes. When he is talking to you make sure to look into his eyes and smile to give him some reassurance. Eye contact is one of the principal qualities upon which we build intimacy.

Something you can do to practice on your own is to look into a mirror and see what kind of expressions you make. Being expressive is a huge advantage when it comes to flirting. You can flutter your eyelids a little bit. Concentrate on your smile and your overall mannerisms. Just remember to do only the things that come natural to you then practice them a bit.

For some reason men also love it when you play with your hair. When you are together, run your hands through your hair or make the killer move: tuck it behind your ears. Extra points if you do so demurely….

A big part of flirting is chemistry and banter, so don’t be afraid to tease the guy you like. Remember, a little teasing goes a long way. Doing this will pair well with making compliments because you also need to find a balance! If you think something he has done or said is too trying hard, well don’t be afraid to mention it. Some jest will only make him work harder to please you.

Since this is all about equilibrium, you can also touch him while you are flirting. Obviously, you won’t do anything invasive (yet wink*) but this is a great way to show him you are interested in more. When you are talking to him go ahead and touch his arm, shoulder or leg. These touches may come naturally when you are having a conversation with someone.

Something you can also do is to be more feminine and channel your womanly energy. This doesn’t mean you have to fall into stereotypes and be a damsel in distress. But you can try sounding less brash for instance. Keep in mind these are just ideas, so incorporate them into what works for you and your personality. You don’t want to become someone you are not just to attract a man. Remember, the guy for you will like you just the way you are.

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