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Flirting Tips When Talking To Your Crush

If you are single and ready to mingle, you may be in need of some flirting tips. Even if you consider your flirting game to be quite strong, you can always use some more nice flirting tips to see if they work for you and change your game for the better.

Making eye contact is a good way to flirt. When the person looks at you, direct your eyes to their lips for one second and then look away. If you catch them looking at you or if they notice you looking at them, give them a little smile. This lets them know you are interested without being too forward. If you are a woman, try to keep some lipstick or chapstick in your bag; when you are close to your crush, grab it and put some on. It will be a nice way for them to notice you.

For those days when you run into the one you like in the office or at school, make sure to say “Hi”. If they don’t know you exist, they will never approach you or be aware of you. So it is important to let them know you do exist. You don’t need to introduce yourself or stop them every time to strike a conversation, simply greet them with a “Hello” or a wave then keep on moving along.

However, if you want to chat with them but can’t think of the perfect icebreaker or you simply feel awkward trying to talk, make sure you always have some gum or mints. This is the perfect way to talk to them, just hit them up with a simple gesture and say “Want some gum?”. Another way to begin a conversation or even alert them of your existence is to bump into them. Just be careful not to bump too hard (you are not losing the game in Super Bowl! *wink*), just softly smash against them and say, “Oh sorry! By the way I am ___”, or you could try the flirty line “My bad, I get distracted when I’m around attractive people.”

For those days you want to start a more serious move, you can always text them and say something like, “Oh I am craving ice cream (or anything you want to grab), want to come with me?”. You can also do this exact same move with a movie so you can go watch it together or even go see a movie at someone’s house.

Another good move is to ask them out “by accident, on purpose”. You do this by sending them a text like “Do you want to go out tonight?” or “What are you doing later?”. Wait a few moments and send them another text saying “Sorry, accidentally sent you something... but since we are here already, want to hang out?”. This is a good way to ask them out in a low key way, with no pressure at all. On the same line you can also leave them a message on a picture they have posted in their social media. The comment should be something like, “It looks fun, what was it about?” or “What is it exactly?”. You should then follow by sending them a direct message or a private message with “Want to tell me in person?” or “What are you doing this Friday?”. It’s a good way to ask them to hang out without any sort of obligation whatsoever.

When talking to them, make sure to pay attention to what they are saying. Give them little encouragements by saying “Mmm” or “Yeah sure” or even laugh. This shows him or her you are interested in what they are saying and they will want to talk to you even more.

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