The No Words Approach to Meeting Women

You may believe it is impossible, but you can actually get a girl to notice you without talking to her! Sometimes you really like a woman but haven’t had the chance to talk to her or you don’t know how to approach her. When this happens, then you need to do other things. Remember, just because you can’t talk to her doesn’t mean all hope is lost! As long as you have some time and a bit of patience, she will be able to notice your existence even without you uttering a simple, ‘Hello.’

If the object of your affection is a woman you constantly see, then the best approach is for her to notice you before you go over to introduce yourself and start chatting. The key here is to make her feel comfortable in your presence before making any sort of contact. Chances are she will like you even before you say those first few lines!

But in order for it to happen you need to be the center of attention. If you have friends around you, use it to your advantage because a group of people will always catch more attention than a single person. Try to laugh often to see if she notices you, just remember to keep it natural and never over do it!

You also need to know appearance will always plays a big role in how much someone notices you. You will need to dress nicely in well fitting clothes to help increase your chances. Make sure your clothes also highlight your best features. It’s also a good idea to put an original touch in your outfit for as long as it looks good on you.

When it comes to noticing her, you want to make some eye contact with the woman. Don’t go all stalkery on her, instead create some sort of connection every once in a while. The exchange should last a few seconds for her to understand you are definitely interested in her, so do create some eye contact a few times.

Something to really work in your favor is simply doing something loud to call her attention. By this I mean participating in something to catch her eye; for instance, if you are in a karaoke bar, go ahead and sing. The idea here is to catch her attention while you are doing something naturally.

Another approach is to try and meet some of her friends (male or female). This is a good way to get close to her without acknowledging her face to face and it tends to work really well. It sort of like the saying about keeping your enemies close but substituting enemies with your crush’s friends…ok, maybe it doesn’t have much to do with the saying wink*

A good trick to keep in mind is to simply bump into her every once in a while, especially if you hang out at the same places. This could be something as simple as a café or even a parking lot. You will be more present in her mind if she sees you often at the same places.

After some time, you will start to recognize each other. When she notices you, appear to be confused because you don’t know if you should approach her and say hello. Don’t forget to throw in a little surprised smile. If she has seen you several times and has noticed you, then she will smile back and maybe even wave at you!

Lastly, be confident. If you are not confident in yourself then she will never notice you and every effort you’ve made so far will be in vain. Being a confident person can be enough for someone to notice you because it is a defining trait. Everyone feels attracted to a confident person. Don’t hunch. Stand upright wherever you go and speak with confidence about what you are saying.

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