To be restricted is one of a slave's greatest desires. Being bound so tightly around their entire body, leaving them completely subdued, produces a kind of stimulation unlike any other. Introducing mummification into your BDSM relationship has the potential to tap into your sub's cravings and give them an experience they'll never forget…and then another one, and another one…*g*

Mummification is probably not for bondage beginners, but after some practice with less strict gear (the fun kind of practice, where you get to scream in orgasmic delight! *teehee*), no doubt it will quickly become clear the enhancing sexual power of all kinds of bondage. I have a whole section of locking wrist and ankle cuffs that can give you a taste of bondage before venturing to mummification. And you know how those little tastes become the kind of hunger that makes you want more and more? That's where mummification comes in, and it won't take long for your sub to be cumming too! *g*

Mummification is erotic and exciting for lots of reasons. Almost any submissive wants to be restrained, wants their Dom/me to have total control of their body. Mummification takes it to the furthest level of restraint, as they won't be able to move any part of their body, upping their level of thrill simply by its nature. And with the intensity of mummification, there is an opportunity to provide a high-level trust-building situation between Dom/me and slave. More trust equals more freedom equals more pleasure and fun—which are at the top of my list where all things erotic are concerned!

Lucky for us, mummification in the BDSM bedroom is a lot easier than the traditional methods used on the ancient Egyptians! Have your slave stand up while being mummified so that you as Master have total access to their body as you wrap it. And I bet you're wondering about wrapping materials, right? There are a few great options out there for maximum comfort and ease of use. Bondage tape is perfect because it's thick and clings to the body tightly without the sticky adhesive that tends to cause issues with hair. For a slightly stretchier option (but with equal inescapability! *g*), bondage wrap is great, too.

A fun way to start is binding the hands to the sides of the body first, to restrict movement even in the process of mummification. Then make sure to get around the eyes next—the waves of excitement as the wrapping continues will make your sub all the more sensitive to each touch. The energy of the experience will build and arouse your slave before you've even begun…*g* Now, starting at the feet, wrap your tape (or whichever material you've decided to use) around the body several times to create compactness from layering. You can either stop at the neck with the tape and use a hood for the head, or use the tape around the head as well—but always make sure your sub can breathe. This means leaving the nostrils or the mouth open. Double check once the process is complete to make sure your slave has enough of an opening through airways to breathe properly.

Once you have your slave mummified, being unable to move in any way, they'll be 100% in your control, just the way you like it (and let's not kid ourselves here, your slave may be enjoying it even more! *g*). Tease and test them with a vibrator—watch them squirm in delight as you give and take the pleasure at your whim or see how long they can keep their orgasm inside while they're completely bound. Or cut a small whole in certain areas for further play. For example, lube up a butt plug and slowly inch in the bigger and bigger beads for some tantalizing fun. The possibilities are endless—I'll let your imagination take over from here…*wink*

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