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The Simplest Way to Mummify Your Partner

If you want to tie up your partner but find yourself at a loss as to how to do it, this guide will show you the simplest way to mummify someone. A simple set of bondage tape can do the trick, and it’s much easier than tying them up with ropes or creating an elaborate harness like an armbinder. Bondage mummification isn’t necessarily restrictive or complicated; it’s easy enough that even beginners will be able to get the hang of it in no time.

What is Mummification Bondage?

If you have ever done any type of bondage, then you are already familiar with how restricting it can be. And if your partner is into kink and submission, you might want to take that idea a step further and try mummification bondage. Mummification bondage is a form of play in which one partner (usually submissive) is completely wrapped up in several layers of bondage materials like rope or tape. It's typically used for sensory deprivation along with sexual pleasure and arousal. The wrapping up prevents any kind of movement as well as removes many types of stimulation-including sight.

How To Do It

First, you need a partner (obviously) and some bondage tape. You could use any kind of tape, but here in sub-shop.com we have bondage tape made especially for this because it sticks less and it’s easier to tear off. Bondage tape is easy to apply on your own—you can do it with just one hand. However, if you want your partner blindfolded or gagged for long periods of time—which will also help them resist touching themselves or anything else in their environment—then you’ll want someone else to apply it; otherwise they might be able to get out before you're done. Once your partner is wrapped up tight, turn off all lights and candles so that they can't see what's happening.

Tie Them Up Properly

Some people choose to incorporate mummification play into their bondage scenes, but aren't exactly sure how best to do it. Luckily, you don't need a lot of material or a bunch of complicated knots—all you need is an old t-shirt and some bondage tape! To mummify your partner, first ensure that they are properly restrained using appropriate bondage techniques. Then wrap them up in an old t-shirt and start applying bondage tape strips over their legs and torso (just make sure you don't wrap too tightly!). Finish by wrapping their head with another layer of t-shirt or strip, then cover everything in bondage tape.

Good Things to Wrap Around Their Mouth

As we know, gags don’t tend to be terribly effective when placed around someone’s mouth. It takes a special kind of tape—one that sticks but doesn’t hurt or irritate skin—to get the job done effectively. One such product is bondage tape; specifically designed for bondage purposes, it can also double as a blindfold, wraps for wrists, thighs, or ankles, gag or even for full-body mummification play. And because it can easily be torn off without doing damage your partner's body (no worry about accidentally ripping out her hair!), you both can enjoy a safe and satisfying play session.

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