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Sexual mummification is a step by step experience and the more you try it out, the better you will get at it over time. It is as complex as it sounds and it implies bondage, sexual stimulation and even intercourse according to your personal preferences. Within the BDSM community this practice can be incorporated into a variety of sexual encounters and it is one of the most popular practices when it comes to intense sexual pleasure and satisfaction for both partner involved in the scene. And if you are a beginner there is no need to worry as this article will offer you some great tips that will get you started on the right direction so that you and your submissive partner can make the most out of this amazing sexual practice. So, let’s see what are the most precious tricks when it comes to a well-done mummification session and how can you apply them to your own experiences!

1. Start by rehearsing tape bondage

Tape bondage is a great sexual practice for both beginners and experts in the BDSM field. It can be done softly or more intensively and it easily leads to a great mummification session the more you practice it. All you need to perform a great tape bondage session is tape but you can also enrich it with other sex toys and accessories that will add even more stimulation to the table! A pair of nipple clamps is a great idea to stimulate your partner’s body while you tie their hands and legs with the your favorite tape! But you can also use gags or other forms of bondage to go along with it. The more you dive into tape bondage, the closer you get to mummification. You will start covering more of your submissive’s body with tape until all you can see and access is their face and the genitalia if you choose so.

2. Combine it with intense sexual stimulation

Any form of bondage is useless if there is no form of sexual stimulation that goes along with it. And when it comes to mummification type of bondage, you have very interesting options when you want to stimulate your partner. You can have them wear an orgasm belt so that their genitalia will be continuously stimulated while they can’t control any part of their body! You can leave special holes in the mummification bondage to stimulate them anally with a nice butt plug as well if you want to have them in the most exciting way! The sky is the limit when it comes to how you can play to your submissive partner’s body during a good session of mummification but one thing is for sure: they will not have any power over it and that is highly satisfactory for a dominant!

3. Have sexual intercourse while your partner is mummified

Having sexual intercourse with a mummified slave is extremely hot for both of you! You will not only have complete control over their body but you will be able to do whatever you want to them since they are not able to move. If you make them wear a gag they will not be able to talk either which will give you complete freedom! You can have anal sex with your slave while their body is locked in a mummification bondage style or you can have vaginal sex, depends what turns you on the most. However, make sure you think of the kind of sexual intercourse that you most likely want to indulge in before you start the mummification. It will be important to tie their body in a way that gives you access to the parts of the body that you are interested it!

When the mummification session is done, simply use a pair of scissors to undo the bondage masterpiece that gave you so much pleasure and indulge into a softcore aftercare intimate encounter. This is a great way to assure your partner of your profound feelings and reestablish the balance between your emotions!

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