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Want to be Restrained with A Sheer Encasement Body Sack?

Want to be restrained without being in a very tight position? A sheer body sack can provide the full body restraint you’re looking for! The soft fabric looks amazing on, and it’s also an effective tool to use when you want to keep your submissive completely immobilized. The small holes in the material allow them to breathe comfortably, which makes it ideal if you are new to bondage or if your submissive has issues with breathing easily, such as asthma or bronchitis.

Restrained but not Suffocated

A woman needs full body restraint in order to feel helpless, but she doesn’t want to feel too suffocated. A heavy-duty body sack or confinement bodysuit allows a girl to experience full body restraint while giving her some wiggle room. This way, even if she can move around, she knows that it takes little effort on her part—it feels like no matter what she does, she’s still trapped inside of an invisible cage. Her fantasy comes alive when there are no barriers between her and her imagination; only smooth nylon against her skin.

Great For Submissive Girls

If you are just getting into bondage or want something that’s sexy but doesn’t feel too restricting, then it might be best to start with something less intense. A body bag might seem intimidating, but it's actually pretty gentle compared to other styles of restraint. The fact that there are still parts of your body exposed will take some pressure off. You can still show off your curves and feel like yourself while also getting all the benefits of complete restriction and tactile sensory deprivation. That’s what we love about BDSM: letting people live out their kinks and fetishes safely and consensually while letting them get their rocks off. It really is a win-win scenario for everyone involved. Well, maybe not everyone—you get all the benefits! And that’s what really matters at the end of the day. Sure, there are ways to combine restrictive caging items with more advanced BDSM techniques to make them more extreme.

Perfect For First Time Bondage Enthusiasts

A body bag doesn’t cut off circulation, but it can restrict your movement. A full body sheer encasement bondage sack gently restricts your range of motion while letting you still breathe freely and see where you are going. If bondage has been a fantasy of yours for a long time, then don’t pass up on an opportunity to enjoy that fantasy safely and sensually with one of these full body sheer body sacks. The silk stocking fabric feels amazing against skin and allows women who have been curious about caging BDSM bondage experience it from start to finish. Whether you go into a session knowing just how much sensation you want or pushing yourself beyond what is comfortable by adding items like metal grommets, these sheer enclosure body bags will give you just what you need.

The Sheer Encasement Silk Stocking Full Body Sack collection of sub-shop.com come in different colors so that anyone can choose what they like. Since most people haven't practiced restraint before, there's no shame in starting small with something like these stockings simply because they feel great. Experience exactly how lightweight they are as well as what it feels like when they come close to your mouth, nose and chin--just enough to keep those areas out of breath but not uncomfortable at all.

Restriction for Fragile Girls

For fragile girls, who enjoy BDSM bondage but want to be restrained in a way that doesn’t overwhelm their senses. A silk stocking body sack can provide just enough restraint so they can enjoy feeling contained but not overwhelmed. This method provides strong sensory deprivation and when coupled with gags creates an amazing sexual experience. The body sack silk stocking combines with blindfold and other bondage gears prevents them from seeing or hearing anything, while encasing their entire body in sheer fabric. They won’t have any idea what’s going on around them which allows them to surrender all control of their surroundings completely. It also prevents movement which means if they struggle it will only result in tighter restriction and will further allow them to focus only on their physical sensations.

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