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How to Dominate Your Partner with a Body Sack

Thinking about trying something new with your partner, but not sure where to start? Whether you’re into S&M or just want to take things up a notch in the bedroom, there are many ways to incorporate bondage into your sex life. With the body sack, you can be in complete control of your partner’s ability to move during sexy playtime.

What is Full Body Bondage Sacks?

While body sack bondage is similar to other forms of bondage, it’s specifically designed to restrict your partner’s movement. Most sacks are made of silky, lightweight fabrics that hug your lover’s curves and cling tightly to their skin; thus, ensuring that they remain in place for as long as you desire. Restricted movement is great for both confinement and sensory play as it heightens your partner’s sense of submission and pleasure all at once. Full body bondage is also perfect for role playing games like doctor-patient or student-teacher where role reversal is key.

What Makes the Pleasure Restriction so Effective?

Full body bondage sacks are fast gaining popularity among professional dominants and submissives because they serve so many purposes. In order to understand why full body bondage sacks, make for such an incredible tool, you first need to understand what they are. A full body bondage sack is, in its most basic form, exactly that: a bag that covers your entire body from head-to-toe. It’s similar in design to an open-ended sleeping bag or large duffel bag—except it’s usually made of latex and incorporates buckles and straps so you can tightly secure yourself inside of it.

Why We Love Full Body Bondage Sacks!

Full body bondage sacks offer one of the most restrictive levels of fetish play. It may be difficult for your submissive partner to move their hands or legs at all in full body spandex encasement; if you’re just beginning, you can start by having them wear it when watching TV or going on a walk. The options are endless! Of course, like most things related to BDSM and kink, always check in with your partner before getting started and let them know what you have planned. Communication is key, after all—you don’t want either of you feeling uncomfortable as an activity begins. If they agree to try out full body bondage sacks, make sure they understand that they won’t be able to move much.

Two Types of Full Body Sacks: Sheer Satin and Full Spandex

You may be wondering what is meant by full body sack. It refers to any full-body garment that includes either sheer mesh, satin or spandex. Satin sheers are one of my favorites because they're silky smooth, and I love being able to see my lover squirm as I run my hands over them (perhaps pushing their shoulders down against their bed if they've been naughty). They tend to look more like lingerie, which adds another layer of eroticism for me. Spandex body sack is made from high quality, shiny stretch spandex. A zippered back makes it easy to get into and it stretches to conform exactly to your body, perfectly outlining your sexy physique and still is quite comfortable for how restrictive it is. You can still move within it - you're simply trapped!

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