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Everything You Need to Know About Nipple Clamps


How to Put on Nipple Clamps

Not just for red rooms, Nipple Clamps are now making an appearance in bedrooms all over the world. A gentle tug or a sweet pinch is a whole new sensation. Just imagine the sensual freedom, as you allow yourself for a new erotic and sensual sensation by stimulation one of your most sensual areas on your body. Your nipples are a highly erogenous zone and just a simple kiss, stroke or pinch can lead to all different sensual sensation.

Nipple clamps allow for erotic sensation which is completely different and distinctive from all other sensations. They can be used by anyone at any time (we recommend board meetings to help liven those things up…) They are perfect for role playing such as enacting Fifty Shades Fantasy or giving him a night to remember by stimulating his erotic zone. Remember, males have just as many sensation points on their nipples as females do!

The beauty about Nipple clamps are pretty straightforward devices. They are nothing more than creative ways to clamp the nipples for sexual pleasure. The sensations that are caused will enhance the arousal of the person being clamped. The more sensitive the nipples are, the better the sensations will be.

So how do you use them? Well, let's take a look at the most important parts.

1. First you have to pick out the type of clamps that are used. Some people keep it simple with clothespins or similar devices. Others choose to have nipple clamps which pinch and other nipple clamps which pull.. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Some vibrate, others do not.

2. You can choose what you'd like based on the feeling each would cause and the desired effect of them. A little bit of research can give you an idea into what each style will do for you. Make sure that you choose what you want and that you like the feeling of them before you decide to continue with them. It's okay to sample several before making a final decision.

3. Once you've picked them out and have them ready it is time to get started. Nipple clamps require some preparation. You can't just put them on a nipple which not erect. Much like sex, she requires some foreplay before the clamps can be in place. But don't worry, this is the fun part.

Women enjoy having their nipples teased and this is exactly what you will be doing. Should you be using them on a male it will work much the same way. This is the time when you want to lick, suck, tug, nibble, taste, touch and tease the nipples. The point is to get them erect and get her wanting more. If you are doing this solo, the same applies. It's all about sensation and the erotic foreplay.

4. After the nipples are erect, you will slowly place the first clamp on. Keep in mind that it could feel good or just a little too much pressure at first and take it slow. Don't tighten the clamp at this point. Just make sure that it goes on and that it doesn't cause pain. During certain times of a month a woman's nipples and breast become more sensitive. Always make sure you have a safeword in place.

She will show and/or tell you. Her body and her reaction will let you know if it is okay to continue. When she shows that it feels good to her, you know its safe to move to the next clamp.

5. Once you have the clamps on, you can have as much fun as you want. Tighten the clamps, but keep it within her comfort zone. Tug on them. Whatever you find that she likes. Every woman is different. Some of the women out there don't want to feel much at all in regards to their nipples. They are too sensitive. Others want to feel a lot. You know your woman and what she wants when you are sucking or biting her nipples. This is the same thing.

Allow yourself time to gaze, imagine and fantasize about what nipple clamps are right for you and your partner.

We offer a wide range of nipple clamp selection to heighten your sensual experience. You can choose from Nipple Clamps, Nipple Suction Toys, Vibrating Nipple Toys, and as an added accessory Weights for Nipple Clamps.

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