Practice Your ‘Lymbnastics’ By Tying Your Partner Up!


You can practice bondage is many different ways and you can tie your partner in many different ways. And I’m referring to tying in particular because almost anyone’s fantasy is precisely that: tying their partner. And with so many options available, which one do you choose first?

The first option is simply to tie your partner’s limbs to other limbs. Sounds complicated but it isn’t; this only refers to tying their wrist to their ankle or tying their wrists together. Just limbs with limbs! wink*.

This is incredibly easy because you don’t need much, just a piece of rope, restraint or chain, basically whatever you are using in order to restrict them. You do need to be careful, no matter what parts you are restricting because of something called blood flow. This means your knots should never be too tight; there should be enough space between the skin and the rope. Also, you should never tie something to the neck or somewhere that restricts the ability to breathe (nogags or blocking the nose!)

If you are looking for a safer position to start with, you can tie their wrists together. Make them put their inner wrists facing each other and then proceed to tie them. This is a good beginner option for those looking to dip their toes into tying and restriction.

The other option is to tie them to something. Usually this means a bed or a chair, but there are plenty of other things you can tie them to if you look around the house and get creative.

Chairs are good because your partner will be in a good position to be at your mercy. You can tie them to one and then inflict some “torture” with a vibrator or try some nipple play on them. If you want to use a whip or a crop on them (or just have sex), tying them to a bed will probably be the best way to go.

And it is my duty to remind you of some safety measures. You should never ever leave a tied person in a room alone. Just as well, don’t leave them lying down and tied for a long period of time; and don’t try suspension unless you are an expert with it! The bondage should never be too loose because it can cause rope burns if you’re using ropes. Closely monitor your partner and their reactions; their limbs shouldn’t change color so be on the lookout for any changes there. Safety always goes first!


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