Easy Ways to Make Tape Gags for Beginners


Tape gags are as popular and common as you’d expect, wink*. They are also very easy to get because you can make them yourself and you don’t need great training or technique to do so. All you need is a piece of tape to cover your little loved one’s mouth and that is it.

To make one, you will need about two or three inches of tape in order to completely cover someone’s mouth…depending on how big their mouth is, wink*. Tape gags, just like any other gag, will limit the vocal activity and sounds someone makes…especially when you are torturing them in a delicious way wink*.

Dominants love how the tape gag looks on their partner and well, submissives love how it feels on their skin. Also, the sounds they make are also a great incentive for a person to wear gags because it can sound incredibly appealing. But I would say the most popular way to use tape gags is during kidnapping and rape role play scenes.

Another great thing about tape gags is how easy they are to put in and how easy they are to remove. This can also be detrimental, of course, because the wearer can take it off easily if they propose it…so definitely not ideal for feisty subs. If you do have a partner really… energetic, you can always make the tape longer and wrap it around their head. You can also stuff your partner’s mouth as well, to make it even more effective. But do keep in mind this will also make it more dangerous because this increases the risk of choking. So if you do go in this route, be completely and extra careful with it.

If your partner has sensitive skin, you should know tape gags could irritate the skin sometimes. So be careful, especially when you are removing the tape. You know how painful it feels to have some little hairs taken out? Especially in the face? Well, this can also happen here so rip away with care. Watch out for your partner’s breathing; don’t gag them if they have a runny nose, allergies or not breathing at 100 %. And don’t ever leave the tape gag too long, but I’m guessing you already knew that, wink*.


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