9 Weird Random Sex Facts for You

Random Sex Facts - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask

The Ancient Romans used a plant called Silphium as a method of contraception. They were so sexually active as a society that they drove the plant into extinction. Wouldn’t you hate to be the last guy who picked the last plant? The entire CULTURE would be mad at you, and very sexually frustrated at the same time. Not a good combo….

Oculolinctus is the act of licking a partner’s eyeball for sexual arousal. This gives a whole new meaning to Eyes Wide Shut!

Women who play video games tend to have more sex and be happier with their relationships than those who don’t. This “supposed fact” was brought to you by the Games Blog at AOL. And every single guy in the world. So, shut up and grab a controller, he’s feeling 17 again and it’s going to be a good night!

According to a 2010 Fox News report, Pakistan had outranked all countries in Google searches for pornographic terms that year. Narrowing the analytics for the search term to just 2011, Pakistan maintained the number one position, followed by India and Vietnam. Almost kind of makes you kind of want to go there…..*almost*…….

Premature ejaculation affects approximately one quarter of adult males, and that the average act of sexual intercourse lasts 4-8 minutes. I, however happen to be of the thought, that it is the ultimate compliment.

Japan has officially organized the world’s biggest ORGY, including 500 people having sex at one place. The event involved 250 women and a corresponding number of guys who started their sexual act at the same place and time. Wondering what room could house such a big number of people? Well, it all went down in a warehouse complete with a professional filming crew recording the whole event and taking photos. This is why the Japanese are beating us in everything lately. First it was math, then the rest of school and now sex……really…we need to pick it up here, people……

A prostitute is more likely to have a Police Officer as a customer, than to be arrested by one. According to Business professor Steven D. Levitt and Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh of Columbia University, “purely academic” *cough* *cough* study finds estimates that prostitutes are arrested only once in every 450 tricks, but only one in ten of these arrests will lead to a prison sentence. Only one john is arrested for every 1,200 tricks. They also estimated that about one in 30 tricks performed by a prostitute is a freebie to the police in return for avoiding arrest.

Male dolphins have been known to keep females hostage and not feed them until the female agrees to have sex with them. The overall impression we have of dolphins is that they are cute, intelligent and very friendly. While this is all true, dolphins have needs too!

Dolphins are known to be very promiscuous creatures and differ from many other animals in that they engage in sex for fun. Females can have sex with multiple males in a single day while males may gang up and take a female hostage before taking turns to ravish her. We just hope that they woo’d her first, bought her some flowers and had some really good lube. And Chocolate. It’s a well known fact that dolphins love chocolates….oh…and Red vines…oh wait…are we still talking about Dolphins…awkward….

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