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Autumn Tells The Truth About Sex Myths

Anyone who has ever picked up a magazine....has read about a Sex Myth.  Cosmopolitan wants to tell us what you are really thinking and how to decode the "secret guy" language, Maxim wants to tell you how to get laid more, and Good Housekeeping makes you never want to have sex again....(or wait...maybe that is just me)   .

But I, Autumn LeFleur am going to debunk those Sexy Myths right now.....

She is holding out sex with you on purpose.

Okay guys, I know it must feel like this but I assure you chances are she is not withholding sex from you as a weapon of man destruction. (link to weapons of man destruction article – another Autumn original……hhaahahahah!) If you are not having sex, and you have initiated it and she is not responsive there is a reason why. She thinks you are being an Asshat about something. And it could be anything at all, so it is best to talk to her in a non-combatitive way about it. Rub her shoulders, give her a kiss on the cheek (okay guys, the one that is on her face, you need to get her in the mood first) and tell her how pretty she looks. Lie if you have to. We don’t care. We just need to hear it, even if we just got home from the gym, our hair is a mess and we feel like we are going to throw up.

She is not interested in having sex with you because something is going on emotionally. Find out what it is and give her the reassurance she needs. That is really what it’s all about for her right now and once she is feeling better, get ready for SEXY TIME!

Bondage is only for Kinky or Weird People

Did you know that the average person into bondage is….EVERYBODY. No, seriously. I’m not joking. Do you know how normal you really are? I would know. I am literally a nice girl. I’ve had six (not a typo SIX) lovers my entire life and I never would imagine kissing on the first date as it would seem to forward. Fast forward several very nice dates later, and I’m fishing for the handcuffs….and a few years later….a warehouse full of them. Nice people like bondage. No really, they do! Just look at you. You are visiting my site and sub-shop is all about loving bondage in a healthy, fun and sexy way that brings people closer together. So, if you are here, chances are you are a pretty decent person.

Who do I know who is into bondage: Special Education Teachers, Pastors (that’s right, I said it and it’s true, I know several that have a very happy and healthy relationship with their partner and love bondage, you would be surprised at the things I know…), Firemen, Secretaries, (that joke kind of writes itself, don’t you think with the movie and all…), Travel Agents, Doctors, Lawyers, Your Neighbor. Seriously, I firmly believe that there are more people than you would ever expect or suspect into bondage sex. So, get over it, and enjoy. You are completely normal! And probably happier than most people because you get better aftershocks. (you’re welcome!)

Penis Size Matters

Nope! Not at all. How great your ass looks in those jeans or watching you do pull ups matters to us. Can you fix something without your shirt on? Thank you. I speak for all women when I say we would like that VERY MUCH. Guys tend to think that penis size really matters to girls because they obsess over it, they talk about it, they joke about it, they insult with it. But not us.

We really don’t care how big your penis is, as long as you use it. For most women, making out and getting “there” is the best part. The clitoris, G-spot and entrance to the vagina are her going to be her “OH MY GOD” spots. Also, please keep in mind that most women don’t orgasm by penetration alone, clitoral stimulation will lead her to biggest orgasms during intercourse. If she is not climaxing, it might be because she needs that extra bit of stimulation which a good vibrator can absolutely help with. It has nothing to do with your penis size, it’s all about how you use your entire body during sex.

Only Women Fake Orgasms

Ladies are you in for a shock or what? Men fake orgasms too! Why do men fake orgasms you say? For the same reasons you do. They are tired, distracted, not feeling good, etc. They still want to be with you sexually it’s well….they really want to be done now. According to an unofficial pole (oh. I meant Poll….*smile*) of my girlfriends and many wonderful gay and straight guy friends, it’s actually often because either a part of their body hurts from fucking you too hard, or they are overheated.

How do you stop fake orgasms? Well, there are a few different things you can try. Put a large fan in your room. Chances are you already have one if you have a guy in your life because they are always hot while we are always cold. ( I know what you are thinking….God has a sick sense of humor…and please turn down the air conditioning or up if you are a guy) Men tend to get overheated during sex. When you think about it, when you do it right it’s a lot of exercise. So, he may have pulled a muscle or just be overheated in general. Do not let it get to your ego. Be happy that your man cares enough to let you know he enjoys it, even if that “exact” orgasm is not happening right now. Fellas, the same thing goes for you. If she is faking it, or you suspect she is, it’s not because she is not enjoying it, it just may take a little more time to get her there. Women are like crockpots, you kind of have to let us simmer. Stroke the heat all day, and see what happens…*FIREWORKS*…. And that goes for both men and women.

And now that you have all this information what will you do with it?  Will you use your power for good or for evil.....*wink*  Perhaps Both! *giggles*

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