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5 Types of Fetishes You Didn’t Know About

People all over the world get turned on by different things and sometimes they find sexual pleasure in ways that most of us wouldn’t even consider. But maybe we should. If you thought that your BDSM fetish is weird or the fact that you like feet way too much, think again. Here are 5 most uncommon fetishes that you might even want to try next time you find yourself lacking ideas in the bedroom.

  1. Balloons

Some people find sexual arousal when they play with balloons or wait for them to pop at any second, which is most likely to happen, eventually. One explanation for this fetish is the feeling of dealing with something extremely fragile like a balloon that can explode anytime and end the fun…but who knows what exactly makes them take balloons so seriously.

  1. Coulrophilia

Coulrophilia is the sexual attraction some people have toward clowns. This is not so uncommon as more people develop it, but it still remains a mystery to those who don’t share the sexual pleasure of it. Apparently, some people like clowns, some get scared by them and some want to take them in the bedroom. And as long as they get turned on by it, there must be something there…right? So next time you see a clown, give it a second look, maybe you missed it the first time.

  1. Dendrophilia

Most people love trees as they are beautiful pieces of nature and great suppliers of oxygen. And then some love them literally. They get turned on by their branches and smell and the feel of their crust and even get naked and tie themselves as close to a tree as possible. The fetish for trees has been explored over the past decades in literature as well and also in philosophy and while there is a common understanding for people who hug trees to find some level of inner peace or as a form of meditation, the sexual attraction to trees remains a mystery.

  1. Tentacles

This is a little self-explanatory and it has some roots in the science fiction literature for sure. So, there are people who like to fantasy about having sexual intercourse with creatures that possess a lot of tentacles…such as octopuses or, other kind of monsters. On a second thought, this one makes more sense than it would be expected. It is sort of related to the gangbang fetish or group sex one since the idea of having multiple types of sex at the same time stays in all cases so, tentacles are not so uncommon. In concept at least. And if we replace the image of tentacles with the image of a bunch pf penises it can actually become desirable for the general public.

  1. Electrified sex toys

We all enjoy some toys every now and then, some butt plugs, vibrators, dildos, sometimes more of them at the same time…right? Nothing uncommon about sexual toys and the way we use them unless we are talking about electrified ones. Some people prefer to use an electric butt plug and a catheter or vaginal insert so that the electricity can go between the two and they claim that they reach incredible levels of pleasures while this practice is completely safe. There is a catch though, electrified sex toys can be unaffordable for most people since one of them can get close to 1000 USD, not an amount of money that people are comfortable to spend for such an experience. Even if it might all be worth it. We can’t tell unless we try!

These have been just a few of the rarer fetishes around the globe. However, this is what sexual freedom is all about and as long as it doesn’t harm anyone, everything goes. It is perfectly fine if you have a fetish of your own that not so many people share. That makes you special and unique in your own sexual nature. So make sure you share yours and enjoy it to its fullest capacity!

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