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The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Bed

When it comes to sexual encounters, each couple has their own strategy to reach intense and exciting orgasms. However, there are several general rules that you should consider if you want to avoid mistakes that will set you farther away from your sexual goals! While the good things to do in bed are subjective, the mistakes tend to be common to most lovers. Most of these mistakes are not done with bad intentions of course, but nevertheless they do have the capacity to harm a good sexual encounter and even turn off the passion that seemed to be so intense beforehand. So, let’s see at some of the things that you should avoid while you enjoy some intimate time with your partner!

1. Unexpected biting in the wrong moments

Sometimes things can get extremely intense during a sex scene and you might act out of instinct and impulse in order to achieve the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that you are aiming for. In such moments, most of the mistakes are done! Biting can be equally a good thing and a bad thing. If it is done in the right moment of the sexual encounter it can take things to an extremely hot level. However, if you bite your partner out of the blue and more than it is considered to be exciting for both of you, you can ruin an intense sexual excitement. Needless to say that any kind of biting should stay out of blowjobs! You can feel when your partner gets to that sexual level that allows them to appreciate some biting if you read their body language well enough. Also, biting can be a good idea during an intense sexual stimulation like when you make your partner wear an orgasm belt or stimulate them with a dildo or vibrator. The closer they are to climax, the most appropriate it is to add some biting to the sexual encounter!

2. Climaxing too soon

While having an orgasm is an amazing thing, timing has its role in the matter. The ideal case is for both you and your partner to climax almost at the same time but we know this is unlikely to happen so often. Usually women are encouraged to have an orgasm first and this is not just based on the principle “Ladies first” but also on the fact that after the man has an orgasm a break is usually needed. Whatever is your gender and sexual orientation, try to prolong an orgasm up to the point to which both of you are sexual satisfied and ready to end the sexual encounter in a glorious way.

3. Avoiding kissing

Kissing is not only a great turn on but also a great way to maintain the intimacy that you and your partner need in order to have a good sexual life! Avoiding kissing will only damage your sexual experiences and will create a void in between the two of you that is hard to fill over time. Kiss your partner during foreplay but also make sure to kiss them during sexual intercourse and stimulation as well. You can kiss them when they are in a bondage style scene as well because mixing pain with pleasure is always a hot thing to do. Kissing is a language on itself and it can be more powerful than any other words that you can say during a sexual encounter. Maybe not as powerful as dirty talk but well, in the same area of excitement.

By keeping these three rules in mind you will be on the right path for a successful sexual encounter and your partner will be very thankful for that. The important aspect to consider as a general rule is the body language of your partner and the signs that they send you during your intimate moments. Once you pay attention to that you will also know what to do and most important what not to do during a hot sex scene!

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