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All the Facts about Foot Fetishes

Fetishes are quite normal for people. In fact, having a sexual fascination towards an object or a body part is nothing to be ashamed of, it is just human sexuality! As with everything to do sex, as long as it is done between two consenting people and practiced safely, basically, everything can fly.

So, why is it so many people have a foot fetish? In fact, many people have this fascination. The official term is podophillia, just in case you want to sound fancy at your next dinner party.

A weird perspective on foot fetishes has existed for several years (and for some reason.) Many assume something is wrong if a person is wildly attracted to feet. But in reality, having a foot fetish is no different than being an ass man, or anyone loving breasts, if you have a thing for guys’ biceps, finding men’s wrists particularly sexy, or loving a strong jaw line on a man, etc. Basically, it is the same as preferring something over another or being particularly attracted to one thing in particular (gentlemen prefer them blondes, anyone?)

You should also know a lot of foot play is actually non sexual in nature. Some professional dommes get paid to engage in foot play and not sexual intercourse. In some cases, other people do get off on their partner kissing, sucking or licking the toes and feet during sex. Sometimes they can even cum on the feet for the perfect ending. On the other hand, some people actually enjoy smelling them as well. The excitement heightens when their partner’s feet are sweaty or smelly. Of course, others prefer the opposite and what turns them on is getting intimate with their partner’s clean feet.

Foot jobs are exactly what they sound, hand job but instead of the hands, you stimulate the penis with the feet. This can be hard because you definitely need more coordination and skill than with a normal hand job. But a lot of male foot fetishists love them and their female counterparts definitely enjoy seeing their partner get off with their feet.

A foot fetish can come in many different ways. For instance, it is very common for the dominant partner (usually a female) to make the submissive cum on her feet so they will have to lick it off later on. Another common foot fetish practice in BDSM is for the dominant to rub cum all over the submissive’s face solely with her feet.

But for those who don’t like anything as intense or hardcore, it is always a pleasure to see feet in sandals or stilettos. Sometimes just looking at their partner’s feet in some heels will drive them mad. Then again, other times it is enough just looking at them. Likewise, looking at their partner painting their toe nails can also be turn on. If you think about it, a foot fetishist can be satisfied in about a million ways (and this does not include individual likes and creative practices yet *wink*)

If you were to find out your partner has a foot fetish but you think your feet are not very pretty, fear not. Most of the time it is not about the feet being ‘pretty’ (although we all know how particular this can be; what is pretty for some may be ugly for others). It is just about the foot itself, the shoes and the overall acts the feet can be part of. So, if your partner has something to tell you, then you will be prepared for this *wink*

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