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What are the Main Benefits of Having More Sex?

We can thing of many benefits when we think of sexual pleasure and satisfaction, performed alone through a hot session of masturbation or with our partner or even during a one-night stand. But the main benefits that comes to our mind are temporary ones when there are so many others that can improve our life on the long term. So, let’s see what are some constant benefits that having more sexual experiences bring for us!

1. It helps you sleep better

A poor sleep quality is one of the problems that our society is facing and this can be due to many factors such as stress or a bad lifestyle but also a lack of sexual experiences. Studies shown that when we have a constant and exciting sex life we tend to sleep much better and have an improved sleep schedule without other additional pills that we might be used to rely on. Even if you can’t have a sexual encounter every time before you go to sleep, indulging into as many of these experiences as possible will positively impact your hours of rest. And if you don’t have a constant partner to share such sexual pleasure and satisfaction, you can always enjoy a dildo, a vibrator, some nipple clamps or any other sex toys and accessories that help you have a successful session of masturbation!

2. Reduces the risk of heart attack and prostate cancer

And to go farther into the amazing benefits of having a healthy sex life, reducing important medical risks such as heart attacks or prostate cancer might be the most important ones. Australian and US studies show that men who have sex at least once a week, present a lower risk of heart attack and prostate cancer. Such medical benefits of a regular sex life could be due to the physical and emotional benefits that orgasms bring to individuals. The release of hormones and pleasure during sexual encounters is having a great positive impact on the human body and therefore, it is recommended to not neglect such activities, no matter how busy our life can get nowadays.

3. Builds your relationship stronger

Besides the health benefits that sexual experiences bring for us, they also empower our intimate relationship with our partner. If you engage in a variety of sexual practices with your lover, the connection between the two of you will only grow stronger over time and the level of trust as well. And you don’t have to keep it softcore to achieve such goals. It is a known fact that a happy and healthy relationship is based, among other things, on the sexual freedom to experience new fetishes and fantasies together. So, if you are into bondage sexual encounters, don’t hesitate to make the most out of them with your lover! Especially with the wide variety of accessories that you can find on the market nowadays in terms of sex toys!

4. It keeps you in shape

This is a benefit of a healthy sex life that you might have guessed. Since during sexual encounters, especially the best of them, we perform quite a work out when we switch from one position to another, try different toys and ways to stimulate our partner and reach sexual pleasure, this can only make out body look better over time. You can look at sex as a weekly work out session, that ends in intense orgasms and sexual satisfaction. And the kinkier you get, the more you work out that sexy body! Most sex scenes involve positions that require a certain flexibility and that can successfully replace some good hours of yoga! If we add some hot fetishes to the game and maybe a roleplay theme, we are set for a successful and amazing experience that will be in the benefit of all the partners involved. Use your imagination and all your body when you want to have an intense sexual encounter and amaze your partner with your ability to reach a higher level of pleasure and satisfaction!

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