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How to Clean and Care For Your Leather Bondage Gear

When you love something you want to take care of it, am I right? And leather bondage materials are no exception, wink*. Because I know how much you love those cuffs and your favorite leash, it’s important for you to know how to properly take care of it.

In order for you to clean your leather goods the best you can do is to use saddle soap. Saddle soap has active ingredients meant to clean, soft and condition leather, so it’s a great choice. You can also use Mink oil, as it also preserves and softens leather as well. As leather needs extra care, soap and water will probably not take care of your piece’s needs. In order to disinfect them, you can use a mix of 70% alcohol with some hydrogen peroxide; just let it soak for a few minutes in the mixture (for everyday use, just the parts that have been in contact with the body/body fluids but make sure to disinfect the piece every once in a while), rinse and let it air dry completely. Leather needs cleaning (yes, even blindfolds) and conditioning, so make sure you use some leather conditioning to lengthen their life. If you have different sex partners, clean it and disinfect it very well after each use, but ideally you should have different toys for each person. Yes, safety first! And if you’re going to insert a leather piece into someone’s, cover it with a condom!

Now, before you clean your piece make sure to try it first on a small part to make sure the leather will not damage. You should never use laundry detergent or strong detergents in general; remember the idea it’s to keep the leather natural oils, not get rid of them.

If you have a stain, oil mark or odor you want to get rid of, usually warm water with baby or a soft shampoo will do the trick. Just rub the shampoo into the stain and rinse. Don’t leave any product residues such as grease, because they can discolor the leather and make it more prone to bacteria. Any excess product will leave your leather stiff, so rub it with a dampened cloth to remove any product.

You should never put leather in the dryer or any direct source of heat because you will damage the piece. Treat the piece before it gets dry, stuff it so it doesn’t lose its shape and just let it air dry. When the piece it’s completely dry, hang it and make sure it ventilated because you don’t want any mold in it! Don’t use plastic to cover it because the leather will only get drier, if you want to cover it, use a breathable cloth.

Whips should be kept with the tails hanging down so they don’t get tangled; cuffs, restraints and the likes should be kept in a cool and dry place. All your leather goods should be kept separately; for instance, whips and chains don’t go together because the chains can damage the leather. It’s best to keep leather in one place, metal items in another, nylon separated, etc. They will last longer this way!

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