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Science Tells the Right Time for Sex when Dating

Dating is almost necessary to have sex. However, figuring out the appropriate time to finally have sexual intercourse for the first time with a new partner can be somewhat difficult. For example, you have gone out with someone and the date is going great. You are feeling the chemistry, the conversation is flowing, and you are laughing a lot. Afterward, you go somewhere more comfortable, kiss at the door and go in for a nightcap. Just maybe you’ll suddenly start to question whether you should go all the way or you’re thinking, “Does she or he want to stop now?”

Reading and interpreting the signs can be the hardest part. Figuring out when is the perfect time to have sex with a new partner could seem like rocket science. This is why it is interesting to know what actual science has to say about this subject, don’t you think? In reality, the“right time” may not be something fixed or constant, but science may shine light on this. It will depend on a number of factors, but maybe you could learn some few tips so next time, you don’t have to grab the board and start writing equations. Wink*

One thing is for sure, hormones don’t lie. Oxytocin is the hormone the brain releases when a person experiences pleasure, like when you have sex. Basically, this is the hormone responsible for the “high” feeling. So, everything is good right? Well, not always. This hormone can damage relationships based solely on sex. This means when sex happens way too early in the relationship, the brain can get unconsciously addicted to those “highs.” Afterward, those levels will fall when you stop getting sexual pleasure, then it translates to feelings of sadness, loneliness and even depression. Since this is all in the brain, you are not aware it is happening. As a result, you may blame your partner for those negative sensations. According to studies, the chances for relationships built on sex to last longer than a year are slim.

So, knowing all of this, when should you have sex ideally? Science suggests waiting for at least 3 or 6 months so you can build the relationship on something else other than sex. But yeah, I know nowadays, this may seem like a lot of waiting. However, do keep in mind when you have sex with your friends or someone you know, the emotional rollercoaster will not feel as extreme. Instead of being drawn to fleeting sexual pleasures and orgasms, you will be more delighted with the feeling of other good hormones like dopamine.

According to science, the key is to build a connection on things other than simply sex. Don’t get me wrong, sex is necessary and awesome, but you should reconsider this next time you date someone. Relationships built on shared interests, common experiences, laughing together, etc., do tend to last longer. This is probably why married people say they are married to their best friend. Sex is a key component in the relationship but it is not the most important thing.

So, if you want to have a lasting relationship with someone, science recommends you should definitely wait a little longer to have sex. Of course, this is only an ideal scenario, as we all know in life, things can happen quite differently. Somethings are meant to still work out no matter what. I’m not really implying you should follow this step by step, just try to think about it a little bit more. After all, science doesn’t lie, right? Wink*

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