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How Sex Actually Gets Better After 50s

As time passes by, we might get lost in our daily lives and place our sexual life in second place. This is a crucial mistake! Sexual experiences have no age and no limits, other than what we set for ourselves. Keeping the passion alive is highly important for maintaining a healthy and happy relationship even over decades. But once you reach a certain age, you might find it hard to spice up your sexual life and rediscover the passion you once had! Here are some tips to keep a young heart and a high sexual energy to be stronger than time itself!

1. Invest in your sexual arsenal

Your sexual arsenal should be a continuous investment because you have to be prepared to develop your sexuality and experience new sensations at any given time! Before you know it occasions might come up and you will need to be ready to welcome them with an open heart and a lot of sexual energy. So, while you might enjoy the dildo you have been using for several years, you should consider investing in some new toys and accessories such as a butt plug or some nipple clamps or a new paddle if you are into spanking and impact play! The more sexual toys you have, the more you will enjoy your sexual encounters and you will increase the level of passion in your bedroom. Your partner will be more than thankful for it!

2. Get sexy outfits

To feel sexy and act sexy, first of all, you have to look sexy. Not for other people’s sake or even for your lover, but mainly for yourself. If you get dressed in a hot and exciting way, passion will follow you around everywhere and your partner will be willing to spend hours with you in the bedroom. You can try a lot of different outfits to value your sexy body and even find costumes for different roleplays you might want to try such as a French Maid, for instance. Everything from sexy latex skirts and dresses to slinky lingerie will spice up your sexual life and give you the confidence you need to feel you are the most beautiful woman in the world! Getting a new sexy outfit is also a great way to surprise your partner and have an intense sexual encounter when you need it the most!

3. Don’t skip the foreplay

Never skip the foreplay or at least try to do it on a regular basis! Even if your time might be limited or when you are in a long-term relationship you should consider foreplay a necessity. Remember, it is just as important as the sexual encounter itself. During a foreplay session, your level of passion is built up and your sexual energy reaches new levels of intensity to make the sexual intercourse more exciting! Let’s put it this way: a good foreplay makes for a better orgasm! So the next time you are thinking about having a quickie and this thought might come often as you mature, think twice! Those moments of kissing and caressing are desirable for both you and your partner, especially if you are so used to each other and your sexual encounters have become more or less a habit!

When it comes to sex as well as in many aspects of life, age is really just a number. You can be as passionate and sexual in your 50s as you used to be in your 20s. But you need to keep the right mindset and respect yourself enough to maintain this spirit. Use experience and age to your advantage when you get between the sheets with your lover and leave your limitations at the door. Remember sex is an adventure and you want to keep an open mind and a free spirit to see where it can take you!

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