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Sex and Sleep are the Keys of a Happy Life… Say Experts

Studies have shown that even if we are all looking for happiness and how to maintain such an ecstatic state, not many know what are the ingredients of it and we are searching in all the wrong places. The most common misconception about happiness is that it is brought in our life by our financial security or wealth. But there is nothing more wrong and hard to apply as many rich people don’t even touch happiness because they focus on making more money throughout their lives. According to researchers from a variety of domains but also doctors, happiness is brought by two key aspects of our life: sex and sleep. Also known as the double S concept for true happiness.

Sex releases hormones that make us feel happy

During sexual encounters and also during sexual stimulation and masturbation, our bodies release hormones that increase the level of our happiness. And you can reach such levels by using several sex toys and accessories that will make each sexual encounter unique on its own way. From nipple clamps to vibrators and anal plugs, everything is allowed when you are aiming to reach more sexual pleasure and satisfaction and your partner will be more than happy to join you in this sexual adventure. And feel free to go as kinky as you want and discover new fetishes and fantasies along the way. Studies show that couples who have more sex and they make sure to add some diversity to their sex life, also tend to be happier on a daily basis because after we reach an orgasm we are also more likely to be satisfied on more than one aspect in our life.

An intimate relationship will make us feel more secure

To maintain a high level of intimacy within your relationship you might need to pay attention to certain details. Try to take care of your body and stay sexy when you are in the presence of your partner. If you have regular sexual encounters it doesn’t mean that you also have a high level of intimacy because this would be too easy. You should always wear a sexy lingerie around your lover to make sure that they notice the beauty of your body and can’t resist touching it even if it doesn’t lead to a passionate sexual encounter. Once you are having a high level of intimacy between you and your lover and you are sharing a strog connection, you will also achieve an important level of security in your life which will give you the sense of happiness and peace. These are very important aspects for a relationship and ultimately for our level of happiness. No one can be happy if their relationship is not a profound one. So, invest in your intimate relationship, in order to invest in your own happiness but also the happiness of your partner. Sexual satisfaction and additional benefits will follow your efforts and over time, you will simply have a happy and healthy relationship!

Sleep is not only healthy but a factor of happiness

Sleep is a necessity and even if some of us underestimate its power it definitely has its advantages to a healthy and happy life. People who miss sleep tend to become more grumpy and hard to deal with as well as less sociable and friendly. A tired mind and a tired body will never function at its highest standards. However, if you make sure to enjoy the amount of hours of sleep that your body needs every night, you will wake up happier and continue your day in a happy way which will be reflected in all your actions. It doesn’t matter if you sleep eight hours or six hours as long as you sleep as much as you need, and you feel rested in the morning. Just make sure to sleep at night and not during the day because this can also be important when it comes to the quality of your sleep.

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