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Understanding How a Man Thinks About Sex and Flirtation

Knowing more about the masculine mind can really be handy when you are trying to flirt with men. In order to win their heart, you should definitely learn a bit more about how their mind works. And I should say that yes, although their mind works a bit different it is not that different from how we think…all that men are from Mars and women are from Venus stuff wink*

Usually women tend to be interested right away in a guy that has a good personality and is very charming overall. But men tend to be more visual creatures, so appearance catches their eye first. Of course after that initial approach a bunch of other things follow, but that is the main thing. And this doesn’t mean they are attracted to a perfect body; it can be something like a smile, the particular mannerisms of a girl or even the way she stares at him. There are a lot of things that can attract him visually; it is not always about how you are dressed

You should know your possible partner (or actual partner) will probably be threatened if he sees you flirting with other guys. If you want to get him hot, make sure to cling on to him when you see that other guys are flirting with you or are attracted to you. He will feel like the best man out there because he is the only one that is worth it for you.

Another think to keep in mind is that men also like to talk about their feelings. Maybe they don’t initiate those types of conversation, but the can definitely enjoy those sensitive topics of conversation. As long as you allow him to be vulnerable and don’t put a lot of pressure on him, he will open up to you very easily and you will be able to form a deeper connection.

On that same line, he may not be fishing for compliments all the time, but he sure loves to hear them! Maybe it is because we tend to give fewer compliments to men? Whatever the case, you should definitely compliment him every time you feel the need to do it. And he also loves to make you feel great; there is a reason why men love to know they are the ones giving you so much pleasure. So when he does something nice for you make sure to let him know. He will love it…

Something that a lot of men fantasize about is female on female action. As a matter of fact, he may consider it super hot if you kissed a girl or had some female action. In general men also tend to love porn, so don’t get offended if he is into that. As long as it is not an addiction, it is completely normal for men to love it.

So yes, they love sex. But that doesn’t mean they are always ready for it and want to have sex all the time. You shouldn’t grind against him and expect him to get hard right away so you can go at it in a dark corner because putting too much pressure on a guy can actually soften his erection in about five seconds.

Something else they don’t enjoy? Being told they are not good at something in particular. If they are bad at something the best way is to let them know in a very subtle way. This probably connects with the fact they love feeling strong, powerful, invincible and as if they could protect everyone.

And this reminds me: men tend to be direct, so if you want to say something simply says it. If you think you are leaving him subtle hints about something, chances are he will simply never get it. Basically tell him straight what you need to say and you should be fine.

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