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Unexpected Effects of Orgasms

Orgasms have many benefits and the most important one is the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that makes them so wonderful and keeps us aiming to achieve one alone or with our partner. But they also have effects that you might not be so familiar with since they are not all sexual related. But, nevertheless, these effects are more reasons to enjoy a good and intense orgasm every time you get the chance. Is important to understand your orgasms as better as possible to fully grasp their effects and make them part of your sexual routine, because what would be a sexual encounter without an exciting final climax?

1. They help you lose weight

There is nothing like a good orgasm when you are on a diet and want to drop some kilograms! You might wonder how this is possible? During an orgasm your body releases an important hormone called oxytocin which has a multitude of benefits for your health. But one of the most important advantages of this hormone is that it decreases your desire to eat and increases your desire to have sexual intercourse. So, by enjoying as many orgasms as possible you will not only eat less and therefore lose some weight but you will also want to have more sex. And you don’t even need a partner to enjoy a good orgasm. You can use your favorite vibrator, nipple clamps, orgasm belt or dildo and let your sexuality finds its own way to an intense satisfaction!

2. Orgasms make for a better sleep

Yes, orgasms have super powers on your body and one of them is improving the quality of your sleep. We all know it is not everything to sleep a certain amount of hours each night. The quality of our sleep is just as important and sometimes more important than the number of hours that we sleep. And having an orgasm before bed time might be a great way to assure yourself of a good sleep that will make you feel rested and ready to take on the world the next day. You can masturbate your way toward such an intense sexual satisfaction or you can enjoy some hot intercourse with your lover. The market offers a variety of sex toys and accessories that you can use with or without being involved in a relationship and that makes reaching an orgasm so much easier!

3. They enhance your sense of smell

Who would have thought that orgasms make your sense of smell so much more powerful? But they do, and even if science couldn’t fully explain the connection between having an orgasm and this type of effect. It is an obvious result of such an intense sexual satisfaction. One of the most common explanations are the release of the hormone prolactin. This hormone tends to increase the number of cells that are responsible for the power of smell. Women benefit the most of this effect and they also have a better smell during pregnancy and while breastfeeding too.

4. They can beat up stress

Orgasms are a great way to release the stress that you gathered during a full day. And you have so many options to do that so there is no excuse to avoid such a pleasure on one of those evening. Your partner will be more than happy to join you and considering that orgasms are also good for a quality sleep, there is no better evening routine than engaging in a hot session of sexual stimulation or intercourse. Masturbation works just as fine, and you don’t need to spend hours to reach a good orgasm. If you are aware of your own sexuality and know your body enough to decide what kind of stimulation turns you on the best, it can be a ten or 15 minutes routine to follow in the evening! This will be an immense favor to do to your body!

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