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3 Common Sex Mistakes to Avoid in Bed

A good sex life might seem like a given, at least at the beginning of your relationship. But the hard part of it is how to keep the passion going for years to come. Once you become more familiar with your lover, you might not be as aware of your sex mistakes as you were in your early days. When you are not conscious of it, these mistakes can have an adverse effect on your sex life and decrease the pleasure you achieve during your sexual encounters. Moreover, most people don’t realize it but they should avoid certain reactions during sex. If they don’t then they risk growing apart from their partner without being able to identify the reason why. Try to stay away from these common mistakes so you don’t find yourself in this situation and turn things off in the bedroom.

1. Keep laughter to a minimum

Even if you and your lover feel extremely comfortable with each other, do your best to keep the romance alive. It is great to be best friends and laugh about everything, even the awkward moments in the bedroom. But try to keep the laughter to a minimum in your sexual encounter. This doesn’t mean you can’t feel comfortable enough to maintain a light atmosphere during sex.But the key is not to exaggerate while you are at it. It is important not to get stuck on the awkward moments of your sex scenes.So try to maintain a good balance between being relaxed and being actively passionate.

2. Don’t push your sexual desires on your lover

We all have certain sexual fetishes and fantasies but it doesn’t mean our lover is eager to share them with us. Over time, you will get used to each other’s sexual desires and preferences. When this happens, then you will feel confident enough to experiment together. However, if you still have questions about your lover’s sexual desire, talking about it with each other is a good idea. If you are into anal games, be sure to check first with your partner before introducing your favorite butt plug into your sexual encounter. The same goes for other sexual stimulators like nipple clamps or chastity devices. While these sex toys and the accessories might be extremely hot and exciting for you, they can have the opposite effect if your lover is not into them.

3. Pay attention to your lover’s reactions

During the sexual encounters, make sure both of you enjoy your activities together. Even if one of you might like certain things more than the other one, be sure to agree upon some common ground during your intimate moments. Sex is a game of give and take.Thus, compromise is always a good idea to make sure you are both satisfied.

Pay attention to your lover’s behavior during your sex scenes to look for signs of what turns them on the most and what makes them lose interest in your intimate encounter. Take notice of such details in particular when you are diving into a new roleplay or a fetish. No matter how intense your sex scene gets, always try to satisfy each other the best way you both can. This level of empathy is always beneficial for any type of couple.It becomes even more important as time goes by and you get more comfortable with each other.

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