3 Tips to Make a One Night Stand Unforgettable

One night stands, as they are commonly referred to, can be a big challenge for some despite their intense sexual desires. There are many things that can stand in the way of a successful one-night adventure such as your shyness, unnecessary limits you set for yourself or a lack of confidence. While these aspects usually go away with time, you still have to help yourself overcome them the best way possible. Having sex with a new partner can be extremely intense and it can lead both of you to reach amazing orgasms. Not to mention that such an experience can help you develop your own sexuality as well as your future relationships.

Here are some tips and tricks that will guide you through a one-night seduction experience, so you can make the most out of such a sexual encounter!

1. Dress up for the occasion

The first impression you are going to make is always based on the way you look. It is important to pay attention to your outfit, make-up and also your attitude. All these aspects go hand in hand when you want to impress someone for the first time. Wear sexy lingerie underneath a hot dress or skirt and match your accessories with your overall appearance.

You can also give hints about your sexual fetishes and fantasies by wearing a sexy collar if you are into BDSM, or even a pair of decorative hand restraints that resemble an oversized leather bracelet. A latex outfit will let your potential partner know that you might be into latex fetishes as well as into hardcore ones. To complete your appearance, you can always add a sexy wig according to your personal preferences. Looking sexy will give you a certain confidence that will make you feel comfortable and entitled to an amazing sexual experience.

2. Be open-minded to new fetishes and fantasies

When you get intimate for the first time with a new partner, each one of you brings their own sexual desires and fetishes to the sex scene. It is important to feel open to try out some of their ideas as well as not being afraid to share your own. Even if your partner is into some fetishes that you have never considered trying before, give it a try. The only way to know if you like something or not is by having the courage to check it out. Don’t put limitations for new experiences just because you are afraid of trying it out. The only aspect that you really need to keep an eye on is your safety during the sexual encounter. Everything that goes on between you and your partner has to be consensual; most significantly, it should generate equal pleasure for both of you. If you or your partner is into BDSM practices it might be wise to establish a safe word before things get too intense. This way, you or your partner can use the safe word to avoid some potential awkward and knotty moments. It also helps reassure you can overcome the fear of trying something new.

3. Bring your favorite sex toys

If the sexual encounter goes on in your place, you might have your sexual arsenal handy and you will be able to use it according to the situation you find yourself in. However, if you are planning to leave your house, to enjoy a one-night stand you might need to think ahead when it comes to what toys and accessories you want to bring with you. Of course, you can’t bring your entire collection, so try to stick with the tools that you know for sure will give you and your potential partner intense pleasure. An ingenious idea that will save you from carrying some of your sex toys would be wearing them. Such items could be a pair of nipple clamps under your outfit, a pair of double dildo panties, (Deflated of course!) and many more. Use your imagination in order to give yourself an amazing one-night seduction experience.

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